35 The Guardian Angel Of Service – Upright

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This angel holds a dove, symbolizing willingness to help. It blesses all who dedicate their life energy to helping to make this planet a happier and an easier place to live in. It brings the light of Divine Grace to all who willingly give their lives to the service of helping others.

The Guardian Angel Of Service

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Guardian Angel of Service is in the group known as Guardian Angels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To teach us how to give from our hearts
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to understand the nature of giving to others; allow yourself to be given to; appreciate the spiritual function of service

This Guardian Angel looks after and blesses all those who serve; those people who have a feeling in their hearts that they would like to help make this earth a more peaceful and fruitful place for us all.

For those who truly believe that what really matters is helping to get things right for the rest of us, this angel offers energy, inspiration, contacts and resources so that the jobs at hand can get done in the best possible way.

These acts of service may come under the heading of civic or government work, or may be the warm gestures of love and care from volunteers, helpers or therapists. They may include simple personal favours from people who offer help; in fact, anyone who offers humane assistance in one form or another can be said to give service.

These people are blessed by the appreciation and acknowledgement that their services make a difference in others’ lives. This world would be a less lovely or workable place without the service of so many people who give their time and energy for the betterment of everyone.
We can pray to The Guardian Angel of Service to help us find the inner and outer resources to give in the best way we are able, so as to help our young and old people, to serve our churches and temples, and to engage in decision-making policy for our neighbourhoods or our governments. Service is the way we can participate in our communities and make a real and lasting contribution to the welfare of others. We ask blessings on all those who serve in any capacity to help make this a better world for us all to live in.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Although guardian spirits are strongly associated with tribal and shamanic cultures, they do figure in the Christian concept of guardian angels. In Spiritualism a person is believed to have a guardian spirit or spirits from birth, although most people aren’t aware of them, thus depriving themselves of a source of inner strength and power.

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Elements of the Psychic World: According to Swedenborg God created man to exist in both the physical and spiritual worlds. The spiritual world is an inner vision that most people have lost contact with, and it is this inner world that survives death with its own memory of life intact. The memory influences the soul’s fate of heaven or hell. Swedenborg believed that after death souls go to an earthlike place where they are met by dead loved ones and, after a period of self-judgement, they choose heaven or hell. Swedenborg did not believe Christ’s crucifixion saved humankind from its sins and the hell he describes is a hideous place, inhabited by faceless demons. Heaven is a copy of earth with angelic souls. In both worlds life is carried on with work, marriage, war, crime, etc. Swedenborg

Angel Insights : Don’t despair if you try this exercise for a few minutes and no name comes. Take a break and try the exercise again later on. If you feel like you can’t get a solid intuitive hit on a name, it might be that your guardian angels are inviting you to give them names. If this is the case, give each of your guardian angels a name that makes you feel cherished and protected every time you think of it. When I was told by the angel realm that one of my guardian angels is named Samantha, I had to laugh. It was my favorite name as a little girl, which is why I named my beloved teddy bear Samantha, a teddy bear I kept with me even through college, long after I had outgrown stuffed animals. Obviously I loved that name because my guardian angel was whispering her name in my ear, and obviously I loved that teddy bear so much because it was, unbeknownst to my conscious mind, a connection to my angels. If there is a name you have always been attracted to, it might be the name of one of your guardian angels.

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Angel Insights : Throughout the book you’ll be given many angel exercises to help you strengthen your bond with the angel realm. These exercises should increase your ability to recognize and receive angelic guidance. They will encourage you to seek the help, healing, and counsel of your angels more often. Many of the exercises are designed to bring you closer to the angel realm by inspiring you to see the world through the eyes of an angel, increasing your sense of compassion and tenderness, and encouraging you to act as a human angel in the world.