03 The Angel Of Serenity – Reversed

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The Angel of Serenity is carrying the dove that symbolizes the serenity of life. The calm stance evokes the tranquillity and peace that are this angel’s gift to us. Serenity is a blessing that enables us to feel safe and comfortable. With the gift of serenity we have the opportunity to be fruitful in our lives.

The Angel Of Serenity

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Creation , The Angel of Serenity is in the group known as Powers.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To let our souls be serene
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help us to live our lives serenely; find solutions to conflicts; find ultimate happiness with ourselves

The Angel of Serenity dances with us as we engage in daily struggles and conflicts. This angel wishes us the ease of serenity, and will often stimulate our dreams to create a vision of how life could be if only we dared to live from that place within ourselves. This angel will always encourage us to disengage from struggle and conflict. This is done by changing our attitude and refraining our view of a situation or person.

The gift of serenity comes when we have surrendered our struggles and given up our negativity. It is a gift that may be shaken from time to time, but once we have had the experience of it we will always want it in our lives. We may partake of spiritual and esoteric practice to try to achieve this state. In truth, serenity, like peace, is always there for us when we slow our lives down to a pace where we can feel our feelings and tune into the oneness of the Source. We can offer prayers to this angel to give us a taste of serenity so that we can make the adjustments and changes necessary to live from our inner being.

Serenity means giving up the struggle and releasing the ego to live in a truly congruent way with our Higher Self. We can pray to attain this spiritual state, which means knowing that the universe is a benign and safe place and that we truly belong here. When we accept our oneness with the Source we can be serene through crisis, change and loss. This quality comes with a spiritual attitude which recognizes that everything is as it should be and that we are in the right place, doing the right thing. This means giving up attitudes which stand in the way of being happy. It also means releasing emotional pain which can lead us to believe that life has to be tortuous or fraught.

Praying to The Angel of Serenity opens the channel for this essence of God’s love to permeate our lives. It allows us to live from a deep and rich centre, unshaken by difficult circumstances. We pray for help to eliminate the obstacles to serenity which clutter our lives. We can also ask the angel to help us feel that we deserve to live in a serene way so that our purpose can be fulfilled with ease and grace.

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Complete Book of Tarot: I swear by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius the surgeon, likewise Hygeia and Panacea, and summon all the gods and goddesses to witness that I will observe and keep this oath to the utmost of my power and judgment.

Angel Books

Elements of the Psychic World: Dee was responsible for setting the date of Elizabeth’s coronation by casting a horoscope to find the most auspicious day, but he is perhaps best known for his relationship with medium Edward Kelley Dee was greatly interested in communicating with spirits and employed Kelley for the sum of £50 a year. The two men believed themselves to be in contact with a number of entities, including an impatient angel called Ave. It was Ave who dictated to Kelley, with Dee recording, the text of an entirely new system of magic in a language called Enochain. Dee and Kelley were also associated with the divinatory art of scrying (crystal gazing). Their experiments in crystal gazing, using a shewstone that is now in the British Museum, began in 1582 and continued to 1587.

Angel Insights : Come up with two or three names, and then ask if there are still more guardian angels assigned to you who would like nicknames. You’ll know you’ve come up with a good guardian angel nickname if thinking of it or saying it out loud makes you feel warm and peaceful, gives you chills and the hairs on your arms stand up, or brings a smile to your face. You can use this exercise for every member of your family, because every person has guardian angels assigned to them at birth.

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Angel Insights : You can read the book in chronological order, look though the table of contents to find a topic that appeals to you, or (and this is my personal favorite) open the book up at random to see what message, exercise, or information your own guardian angels want you to utilize. (Your guardian angels will lead you to the page that will resonate deepest with you, or teach you what you most need to know in the present moment.)