08 The Angel Of Peace – Reversed

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This angel signifies the blessings that peace can bring. The swirling cloak envelops it in heavenly peace. The doves in flight symbolise both the release of our primary fears and the benefits of peace to include calm and contentment.

The Angel Of Peace

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Creation , The Angel of Peace is in the group known as Powers.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To guide our souls to peace
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help us to reconcile opposite forces in our lives; find solutions to conflicts and paradoxes; teach us how to be at peace with ourselves

The Angel of Peace channels the energy we need to resolve conflicts and paradoxes in our lives. It helps us to live a life compatible with our needs and desires, giving us the opportunity to flourish in a peaceful way. This angel smoothes the path to peace so that we can find love and accept ourselves. Peace offers us the possibility of living in a way that is congruent with our natural rhythms and cycles and that honours our potential gifts and abilities.

Once we have released our primary fears about basic survival we start to learn to trust in the goodness of life. Many of us may reach this level of development as we mature and after we have weathered crisis, pain or loss, only to find that we are fine and deeply intact at our core. At our very centre we are pure peace, and this cannot be destroyed or diminished by external circumstances. We can choose to identify with this part of ourselves when we open our hearts to The Angel of Peace.

Once we have resolved the conflicts within ourselves, our lives begin to take on a deeper sense of peace and order which lets us flourish as the unique and creative beings we are. It is only when we are at peace that we can truly he creative. Otherwise we are limited to continually re-enacting the painful traumas of our lives.

We can offer prayers to The Angel of Peace to bring peace to our planet, peace to our families and friends and, most importantly, peace to ourselves so that we may resolve the dilemmas and paradoxes we face. This way we can finally come to rest in the certainty that we are a vital part of creation and have a worthwhile and meaningful part to play.
We can appeal to this angel for peace of mind, heart and soul as we become internally stiller and less reactive to external conflict around us. This angel will guide us towards healthy situations and to people who will allow us to live in peace. This peace is lasting and sustaining and we can draw upon its strength whenever we need it. The Angel of Peace offers us its gifts every time we arc stressed and tense. It will wrap you in a cloak of comfort to let you be at peace with yourself.

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