52-Three of Athames Upright Salem Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

The Three of Athames again indicates that things may not be entirely clear to you in the spiritual realm. Be wary if you meet new people who claim to have ‘all the answers’ spiritually. Their answers may not be your answers. There’s no harm in exploring different spiritual understandings and traditions, however, this is probably not the time to commit to any of them.

Card Meanings: Overcoming Grief/ Sorrow/ Sadness, Repressing Emotions, Getting Over The Worst, Confusion, Reconciliation, Compromise, Suppressing Memories, Sorrow, Sharing Problems, Releasing Pain, Optimism, Overcoming Depression, Loss, Recovering From Heartbreak, Forgiveness, Inability To Let Go Of Pain

Regardless of the way that the Three of Athames card is depicted, know that it is not all bad. Although there is an element of sorrow that is undeniable when this card appears, what lies on the other side of this sorrow can be enhanced understanding and joy. Allow yourself to fully experience any sorrow or pain that comes up now, so that you can move beyond it.

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Tarot Triumphs
Book Details
Tarot Triumphs: What stories or myths do the three cards remind you of? Once you’ve looked at the combination of the cards from different angles, you can ask what associations they bring up. My main story is ‘A Rainbow in Silk,’ a story from Central Asia that I have retold in one of my children’s books. It concerns an elderly courtier who is asked by the king on pain of death to create something novel to amuse His Majesty. Finally, as the courtier is about to be executed for failing in his task, he sees a rainbow through the tears that have formed in his eyes and is inspired to create ‘rainbow silk,’ a textile that is still worn in Uzbekistan today.7

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Elements of the Psychic World: A charismatic figure in the courts of eighteenth-century Europe, Cagliostro was a magician, alchemist and psychic healer. Born in 1743 in Palermo, Sicily, to a poor family, Cagliostro turned his natural psychic talent into a lucrative fortune-telling business. He travelled to Malta at the age of 23 to study the occult and later in London joined the Freemasons. Using the name ‘The Divine Cagliostro’, he spent most of his adult life among the royal courts of Europe, performing various occult arts, such as healing by the laying on of hands, conjuring spirits and producing an ‘elixir of immortal life’ with the aid of his beautiful wife, Lorenza.

Psychic Abilities : Being psychic does not mean that you can predict the future with certainty. When you look at the meaning of the word prediction, it is based on the present moment, rather than what will happen in the future. Psychic powers are based on spiritual knowledge which does not follow the same logic as scientific knowledge.

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