15-The Devil Reversed Thoth Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

The Devil reversed can be a friendly indication that trouble could be vaguely brewing if you are in a long-term romantic relationship. One or both of you may beginning to feel as though they are trapped in the situation. The time will be coming soon where you may need to try to talk about it, if you want to save the relationship. In reverse meaning of this card is less troubling with regard to a long term romantic relationship than the upright indicator, however. If you’re seeking love and you draw this card, give some consideration as to whether or how much you may be feeling trapped in single-hood and do your best to make peace with your situation and who you are, where you are, right now, today. An aura of grasping for love will make nearly any sane potential partner run for the hills. Clinging and desperate people are universally unattractive to healthy partners. Make sure you are not in that mode. Consider taking a break from your dating.

Card Meanings: Revelation, Enlightenment, Detachment, Recovery, Overcoming Addiction, Reclaiming Power, Freedom, Release, Divorce, Independence

The Devil is not as frightening a card to interpret as the depiction on most cards indicates. It is a card about bondage but often this bondage is metaphoric and internal. With this card ; you are called to look beyond superficial appearances and to go deeper into the truth and meaning of a situation. You also are asked to remember that ; when you’re feeling restrained you nearly always hold the keys to your own freedom. Don’t give up hope!

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Chin: A mole on either side of the chin is indicative of people who are affectionate and caring. These people adapt easily to any situation. They love travelling and respect the law of the land. They are also

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Elements of the Psychic World: A ghost of West Indian tradition and unknown origin, regarded as the personification of evil, i.e. the Devil. The duppy allegedly operates only at night and is required to return to the grave before dawn; if it is prevented from doing so for any reason, the spirit forfeits its power to do harm to any living person. West Indians believe that the breath of a duppy will make a victim violently ill, while the mere touch of the spirit will induce epileptic fits and seizures. The duppy can allegedly be summoned by a secret ritual to do the conjurer’s bidding, and the traditional method to keep the duppy at bay is to place tobacco seeds around the doors and windows of the home it comes to plague. See Voodoo.

Tarot Card Meanings: Learning to read the cards, for yourself or for others, can be a time consuming task.  Decks which come with extremely detailed card meanings can take the longest to master.  However, this book aims to provide you with a good overview of the basic meanings that apply to all Tarot decks (and even standard playing cards which can also be used for reading the future).  The meanings in this book are kept purposefully short to enable you to easily learn the underlying meaning for each card.  This should enable you to quickly grasp the basics of reading any Tarot deck and allow you to take more time to learn and understand the more detailed meanings provided with the deck itself.   

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Elements of the Psychic World: It seems that a historical Jan Tregeagle did exist and he wasn’t a very pleasant fellow by all accounts. He was an unpopular magistrate who used his position to amass a personal fortune. Rumour has it that he accomplished this by fraud and by selling his soul to the devil. Although no proof exists it is also said that he murdered his wife and children. Concerned about his fate in the afterlife he was said to have bribed local clergy to have him buried in consecrated land.