33-Knight of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

Card Meanings: Arrogant, Hyperactive, Lack Self-Discipline/ Control, Jealousy, Daredevil, Violent, Show-Off, Not Finishing What You Start, Domineering, Overly Competitive, Fearful, Abusive, Reckless, Narrow-Mindedness, Lack Of Enthusiasm/ Ambition/ Purpose, Passive, Jealous, Extremely Aggressive/ Hasty, Loud, Chip On Shoulder, Volatile, Suspicion, Overly Confident

This card is full of boundless energy and power. Here we see the healing rush of force, producing enthusiasm and exhilaration. Among their many other attributes, the suit of Questing relates to morality and a strong sense of ethics, so this card also draws in matters of integrity and honesty. On a day ruled by the King of Questing, expect to feel full of life, ready to tackle any challenge. Be alert for situations in which you are able to assist somebody else who has need of your strength. Also, be aware of how your strength feels to you – this will stand you in good stead on lesser days, when you aren’t feeling quite so vital and alive. This Knight sets us free of limitation and self doubt bringing, instead, a new confidence and verve. If we allow his force to flow through us, we shall find ourselves making excellent progress in everything we turn our hands to.

If, when he appears, you are emerging from a tough time in your life, this Knight will mark a turning point where things begin to improve and brighten up. One of the key phrases often associated with this card is ‘out of darkness, into light’. So enjoy the day!! Have fun, get lots done and feel glad to be you at the end of the day!! He trusts his originality and allows his inspirations to take form. He’s enthusiastic. He steps forward and takes the lead if the opportunity presents itself. Others follow when he shows them the way with confidence. He’s forceful in pursuing his goals. He’s not a quiet, passive observer unless that suits his purposes. He jumps in and creates results. He’s dramatic and exciting. Never a wallflower, more often the center of attention. He’s bold and daring. He avoids the safe, easy route because he has the energy and assurance to take risks and win. He has the courage of his convictions and always believes in himself.

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Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Abilities : You will find that when you use your psychic abilities with intensity, you may end up exhausting yourself. It is in these moments that you need to think about improving your psychic abilities through a spiritual bath. The best time to take this bath is before you are about to tap into your psychic powers. For this bath you will need: –

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Reversed Cards: Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is the primary ruler of the Knight of Wands. It is said that while Jupiter is in retrograde, money can be tight and opportunities can seem to dry up. But there is a disclaimer to this that I feel applies to the Knight of Wands in the retrograde position: if you have set the wheels turning before Jupiter turns retrograde, you will start to see the benefits of your hard work show up during the retrograde cycle. So, what harvest now presents itself to you, and is it what you were hoping for?

Reversed Cards: The number ten in numerology is the number of karmic debt completion. Its mantra would be ‘the debt has been paid.’ It echoes the beginnings of the one yet the unknown adventure of the zero. This alone makes the number ten a very interesting number indeed. Little wonder that this number has found itself paired up in the tarot with the Wheel of Fortune card. A wheel itself has no up or no down. It can go forward and it can go backward. The wheel only knows how to do one thing: turn. No matter what way you hold the wheel, be it up the right way or upside down, it will still turn. What was up will be down and what was down will be up. You could say that here in the karmic payment arena there is no right and there is no wrong. Just endless spinning and paid-off debts.

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Angel Insights : Angels know that everything in nature is holy, part of Spirit. People, animals, rocks, trees—they are all divine, because they all share that magical spark of energy that is the calling card of Spirit. The energy of things that were not created by man.