29-Eight of Wands Upright Golden Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

You are probably waiting on decisions that have to be made by others. Chances are good that the outcome will be positive, but don’t try to push people before they are ready. Be patient. The logjam will break soon, but it isn’t up to you to break it.

Card Meanings: Hastiness, Exciting Times, Infatuation, Ahead, Gaining Momentum, Being Swept Off Your Feet, Movement, Obsession, Travel, New Ideas, Positive, Holiday, Love, Energetic, Progress, Speed, Taking Off, Freedom, Sudden Action, Journey, Hard Work Paying Off, Results, Rushing, Holiday Romances, Action, Solutions, Thinking On Your Feet

A lot of things may be up in the air for you when the Eight of Wands appears. You may be frustrated, tired of waiting. This card is an indicator to be patient a while longer. You may have already done all you can do, and decisions now must be made by other people.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Development for Beginners
Book Details
Development for Beginners: Anomalies Research Laboratory. The rise in research continued into the 1980’s, with the PA reporting to have members working in over 30 different countries.

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Creative Tarot: The second card in this row tells you what you need to do. An Eight of Wands would say, “Submit the work to every place you can think of, contact everyone you know, get as many eyes on it as possible.” An Ace of Coins would say, “Nurture it slowly, choose where you’d like to go very carefully, and then work steadily to create a space for your work there.”

Portable Magic: It would be impossible in this small book to give detailed instructions for every ritual that might be worked using Tarot magic. The number of uses to which this system of magic may be put is infinite, and so are the variations of ritual that reflect those purposes. What can be done is to show, through a detailed example, the general ritual procedure applied to a specific practical purpose. The details of the layout will change, depending on the purpose.

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Portable Magic: She breaks down her ritual purpose into three stages, to correspond with three realizer cards. The first is the awarding to her of the contract to illustrate the book. The second is her completion of the assignment. The third is the critical acclaim and popular success that follows the publication of the book. Her purpose is not just to get the contract, but to achieve success in her career as a consequence of getting the contract. In planning a ritual, it is wise to spend some time thinking about its ultimate purpose. In Mary’s case, it is not just to get a job, but to get a job that does her career some good.