71-Eight of Patens Reversed Salem Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

Just like the upright Eight of Patens The reversed card points to a lot of good, old fashioned hard work in one or more areas of life being required of you. The amount of work involved is only somewhat lessened by the fact that it’s reversed. On the whole this card points to tasks that either should not be set aside or ones you will not be able to set aside. Note that you will benefit from this work as well – it’s not just for someone else’s convenience. This is the energy of making a list of things to do, prioritizing it, and then getting to work. When it’s over you’ll be very glad you did.

Card Meanings: Laziness, Poor Concentration/Productivity, Failure, Debt, Dislike, No Ambition, Dead-End Career, Bad Reputation, Shoddy Workmanship, Rush Job, Scams, Under-Qualified, Financial Insecurity, Repetitive Or Boring Job, Overspending, Workaholic, Poor Quality, Materialistic, Mediocrity, Void, Carelessness, Lack Of Effort/Confidence/Commitment/Ambition/Focus, Mean

The Eight of Patens can indicate a period of very hard work. This does not have to be a negative thing, but you must be prepared for it. Think about what it is that you are working for. This work can be personal or professional. Be prepared to ask for help if you need it.

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Tarot Triumphs: Take a card from anywhere in the pack. What sound or sounds do you hear? What kind of movement, if any, is taking place to generate these sounds? Imagine that this card is alive, and hear what is happening. Keep the characters within the same scene, but allow them a chance to move around a little and enact their role. Make notes afterward about what you discover.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Many outside researchers and present-day Wiccans now doubt Gardner’s claims of an origin for Wicca, as there is no evidence to support it and all the elements of Wicca were available to him from sources in the occult scene of his day, including the Druid movement, the teachings of Aleis-ter Crowley and elements of Eastern magic he gathered from his travels to Malaysia. Whatever the origins of Wicca it has established a strong presence in the English-speaking world since Gardner and his followers formed the first known Wiccan coven in the 1940s.

Elements of the Psychic World: In Irish and Scottish folklore the banshee is believed to be a death omen who attaches herself to families, usually those whose surnames begin with Mac. Thought to be the spirit of a young woman who died in childbirth, she strikes terror into the hearts of those who encounter her as she only manifests when there is to be a death in the family.

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