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Gabriel is depicted holding a lily, which stands for purity and truth. He is sometimes seen with an ink-well and quill, symbolizing his function as the heavenly communicator of the Word of God. He can also be seen holding a golden chalice strongly reminiscent of the Grail.

The Archangel Gabriel

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Archangel Gabriel is in the group known as Archangels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To stand for truth and deliver the word of God
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: He can help us to express our truth openly and honestly; respect and honour our individuality; listen to our intuition and inner voice

Traditionally Gabriel is the messenger of the Word of God. His name means ‘God is my Strength’. He announces the mystery of incarnation to all souls before they are born and he instructs us all as to what our talents and tasks in this world will be. He is the patron saint of small children and he looks after and nourishes the child in each of us, a child who may be arrested in growth or wounded and in need of love. He guides us to release our inner child with words of tenderness and love. His guiding hand is always there to protect what is natural and pure within us.

All religions honour Gabriel as the most powerful messenger of the Source. He never tires of delivering the Word of God to those who will listen and honour the Source within themselves. He is known as the Chief Ambassador to Humanity, the Angel of Revelation, the Bringer of Good News, Judgement and Mercy. He is the Angel of Joy, and the Spirit of Truth.

Gabriel helps us to find the wisdom in our physical bodies and to know our personal truths. He respects the absolute individuality of each person. He can assist us to live our truths faithfully, honouring our talents and gifts. He can help us find the courage to live from the deep knowledge within ourselves which respects our God-given abilities. Gabriel can also help us succeed in developing our individual gifts and fully expressing ourselves.

Gabriel’s quintessential gift to us is to nurture our strength and our conviction that we are each making a valuable contribution to the spiritual development of humanity simply by being who we are. He is available to help us ascertain the truth in situations where there is conflict between what we know to be right and what is being represented as truth. He helps us to see what is real for us in every situation where our insight and intuition are called upon to direct and guide us. Gabriel lights the way to the truth within our hearts, and helps us to see what is the right path for us to follow for our highest good and greatest joy.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: The name given to incorporeal beings that are said to guide the spiritual destiny of groups of people rather than of individuals, which is the role of angels. This explains why archangels are often pictured as carrying formalized models of cities in their hands. In Judaism and Christianity, the most important are the seven archangels, each of whom is assigned one of the seven spheres of heaven: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Joophiel, Zadkiel and the fallen archangel, Samuel (Satan).

Angel Books

Development for Beginners: took a much closer look at her own spirituality. In doing this along with re-examining what she knew about psychology from a fresh perspective, Dr. Virtue developed her practice into what she calls ‘Angel Therapy.’

Angel Insights : There is a very old, very famous church near my home, and I sometimes go there to feel closer to Spirit, to absorb the spiritual patina of 170 years of worship. There’s a small chapel in the back of this large church reserved for silent prayer. One day I sat in the chapel and looked around at the people near me who were deep in prayer or meditation, as well as those kneeling at the altar offering up the contents of their heart to Spirit in sacred reverence. It struck me just how many people, all across the world, rely on Spirit. How much people need from Spirit. How important, and sometimes even urgent, their prayers are. I suddenly felt so much compassion and love for all these people around me praying. Spirit, I asked silently, please be here not just with me, but with everyone in this chapel who needs you so desperately. Please help these people and let them know they are never alone. Suddenly I felt a presence, and I knew an energy force from the other side had entered the room. Usually I can get an intuitive hit on exactly who I’m sensing—a relative who has passed on, an angel, a spirit guide, an ascended master. But this time I was a bit paralyzed by the sheer size of the entity I was sensing. This was an enormous, powerful presence. Its energy was almost overwhelming. I realized it was an archangel. Archangel Gabriel had heard my prayer, and come to be with all these people in the chapel. Gabriel means ‘God is my strength,’ and I felt that strength. Wow, did I feel it! Gabriel is also the messenger archangel, and Gabriel’s message to me that day was clear: Spirit is listening. Spirit is here for you, and here for all these people.

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Angel Insights : Everyone has guardian angels. They were assigned to you at birth, and they are devoted to protecting you and advocating for you throughout your life. Your guardian angels are a gift from Spirit, but they are a gift you do not have to earn—a gift that will never be taken back. The love and healing energy of your guardian angels is your birthright. This book discusses several different types of angels, but will often reference guardian angels, as those are the angels you will have the most intimate relationships with throughout your life. However, this book can help you create a closer connection to not only your guardian angels but the angel realm as a whole.