13 The Mediator

No matter what god or higher power you believe in, we are all part of a collective consciousness, both in this world and the next. Whether your reading comes from tarot, angels or archetype cards we are delving into that collective consciousness. If you are present with a psychic or clairvoyant who has strong connections, you may be connected to individuals but more likely you will be communicating with part of this universal energy which connects us all. Much of the connection comes through our own energies and this is particularly true of online readings.

Upright Meanings: truth, strength, action, legal disputes, cause and effect, karmic justice, courage, determination, integrity, justice, heroism, law, honesty, conviction, consequences, virility

Reversed Meanings: unfaithfulness, corruption, karmic retribution, sickness, dishonesty, unfairness, weakness, injustice, lack of accountability, pettiness

This archetype comes at a time when our life is full of conflict, not necessarily ours but often those around us. The solution lies in compromise but sometimes we need someone outside the situation to help us achieve that. The card indicates a problem that can’t be solved without help and guidance. If the card is reversed it warns that if we choose to act as a mediator we must take great care not to inflict our own baggage and feelings onto the situation or to beware of others with good intentions that misguidedly try to influence us.

The angel associated with The Mediator is The Angel Of Reconciliation

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Creation, The Angel of Reconciliation is in the group known as Dominions.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To reconcile us to the Light
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help us to release painful traumas which distort our view of life; bring us more fully into the present flow of life; help us to open our hearts to the good

The Angel of Reconciliation offers us the opportunity to clear out the old and useless baggage of our past. By becoming reconciled with the past we release the sorrows, hurts and resentments which clog and congest our energy and burden us. We need our vitality to live in the present, not to submerge our life in old grudges.

The Angel of Reconciliation works to help us integrate our past with our present reality. It helps us see spiritual truths, so that we can learn from our past. This way anything painful in our lives can be seen anew as a positive step for growth – even the most brutal experiences.

This angel is always easing the transition from the past into the present, offering us every opportunity to accept things as they are. Whether it was something which we did to others or to ourselves whether it was something which happened to us, this angel will help us reconcile our pasts. The process of letting go of the past helps us to redeem our spirit. It releases the energy we have invested in projecting our feelings on to past situations, people and events. When we are limited by sorrow, bereavement, grievances or bitterness we are actually destroying the vitality and enjoyment of the ever-present now. The past is a stepping-stone to wholeness if we choose to see it that way.

We can offer our prayers to The Angel of Reconciliation to help us accept the past as it was, and release our negative ideas about how it should have been. We can ask that the lessons of past experiences help us develop as healthy-minded adults who can step forward into the joy of the present. This will give us both pleasure and wisdom.
We ask this angel to show us how to integrate our past into a living present, full of joy and fulfilment. We ask for guidance in letting go of the past and accepting that we can always make a fresh start. Reconciliation is not about changing something which cannot be altered. Rather it is about transforming our view of how the past was, and how we can enhance and empower ourselves now by making positive choices for well-being.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights
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Psychic Abilities : The term medium means that the person is in between, acting as a mediator in communication between those who are living and the spirits of those who have died. There are numerous ways that one can be a medium. One of this ways is through possession, where the medium is possessed by the spirit who uses their body to pass forward whatever message was intended for sharing. Then, there are mediums who hear the voices of the dead, and then repeat what it is that they have hear to the living.

Angel Books

Complete Book of Tarot: Myths/Archetypes: The Great Father. The Ruler. The King of Kings. Zeus. Yahweh. Ouranos. Priapus. George Washington. Head of State.

Angel Insights : But often angels will take on a human form when they visit you, like when the angel Clarence Odbody visits George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. It is more typical to see an angel in human form than in their full divine glory (feather wings and flowing robe, or bright white light). Possibly this human disguise is assumed so that the angels won’t scare us so badly that we wet our pants when they appear! Can you imagine if George Bailey had been visited by an angel who was not disguised as a human? Considering the day George was having, that might have sent him completely over the edge. Also, assuming a human form allows angels to move freely in public, and interact with you in public, if the situation requires this.

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