37-Two of Cups Upright Rider Waite Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

This shows that you are likely to be appreciated in your workplace and should be feeling comfortable there, at least to a large degree even if you don’t particularly like your job. If looking for employment, this can mean that you are going to find it very soon.

Card Meanings: Love, Engagements, Proposals, Cooperation, Balance, Marriage, Relationships, Potential Soulmates, Harmony, Happy Couples, Connection, Compatibility, Equality, Romance, Unity, Friendship, Partnership, Attraction

The Two of Cups often refers to romantic partnership, but that is not its only connotation. It can speak of balance, friendship, joy, and sharing.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: The querent is a young engineer who finished his degree in Spain but could not find a job there because of the economic crisis. He finally found work, but it involved relocating to China, to the disappointment of his family who told him that they would miss him terribly if he moved to another country. He asked for a general reading, and these cards appeared:

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Reversed Cards: The Two of Cups shows us how we relate to new people in our lives, be they possible romantic partners, new friends, or blossoming work relationships. In the blocked aspect, this new energy is not just being resisted on a physical level, but it is also being rejected on an emotional level. When the Two of Cups is blocked, you have a serious barrier around the most feeling part of who you are—your heart. You can see people play this energy out in their physical bodies. They cross their arms over their chests when someone approaches them. There is a very repellent energy to the Two of Cups in the blocked aspect. You will need to take a closer look at what you really want in your life, because if it is not what you currently have, then you need to uncross your arms and start allowing your heart to open.

Complete Book of Tarot: Much of the symbolism of modern astrology and tarot derives from the four elements of ancient Greece: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. It is important to keep in mind that the four elements are abstract philosophical principles rather than concrete objects in the material world. One might think of the four elements metaphorically as varieties of energy, types of consciousness, or differing ways of approaching the world.

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Complete Book of Tarot: The column of four cards to the right of these two crosses gives additional information.