37-Two of Cups Upright Golden Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

If you are facing particular health problems, this can indicate a need for you to find a partnership with a healer that you trust and that you can ‘work well’ together with. This is also a fairly good omen when it comes to health – you are also likely to be keeping a positive attitude which is very important (and supportive) of good health.

Card Meanings: Love, Engagements, Proposals, Cooperation, Balance, Marriage, Relationships, Potential Soulmates, Harmony, Happy Couples, Connection, Compatibility, Equality, Romance, Unity, Friendship, Partnership, Attraction

The Two of Cups often refers to romantic partnership, but that is not its only connotation. It can speak of balance, friendship, joy, and sharing.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Everyone has an energy field that, in good health, runs around and through their bodies in flow or vibration. When illness occurs the energy flow becomes unbalanced and the aim is to rebalance these energies and stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism. Reiki practitioners can also perform absent healing on a patient who is not physically present. When this is the case practitioners are believed to act as passive channels for the life energy that comes from a universal source. Practitioners do not direct the energy, which guides itself solely to where it is needed.

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Reversed Cards: With the Two of Cups in the retrograde aspect, there doesn’t seem to be as much pressure to get things right. Nope, here it is perfectly okay for things to fall apart, drift away, and spin out of each other’s orbit. It all seems a bit convenient. Perhaps this is exactly the way you want it.

Portable Magic: In Tarot magic, the altar is composed of the four Aces laid out in a cross pattern. The bases of the four tarot cards are interlaced in such a way that they are tilted and with their raised side edges define

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Portable Magic: It is often more effective to combine a significator on the triangle with one or more realizers. The number cards act to define and channel the purpose of the ritual; the court card acts to identify the individual at whom the ritual is directed. By using more than a single number card on the triangle, the unfolding of a complex