37-Two of Cups Reversed Rider Waite Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

Card Meanings: Unhappy Couples, Dominance, Losing Friendships, Divorce, Arguments, Incompatibility, Imbalance, Disconnection, Ending Partnerships, Breakups, Disharmony, Abuse, Violent Passion, Separation, Misunderstanding, Inequality

As I said when defining this card, the most important aspect of the Lord of Love is that we learn to develop self-love, self-trust and self- reliance. Hopefully there are many of you who can think, with confidence, I’ve done this. And for those of you who can, a day ruled by the 2 of Primordialism is a day to count those you love, and those who love you. It is a day to be deeply grateful that you have such abundance and bounty in your life. There is no greater wealth we can aspire to than a wealth of love. For those people who have not yet managed to achieve real self-love, this is a day to work on it. Throughout a day ruled by the Lord of Love, try to be conscious of your feelings toward yourself. Look carefully at the ways you choose to describe yourself. Examine how you feel when dealing with other people.

Try to see yourself and your actions without standing in judgement on them. Often it is the obsession with judging ourselves (often through our interpretation of how others see us) that stops us from seeing ourselves as loving and loveable. So put a hold on your judgement on this day. Simply observe what you do, what you think, how you feel. If you discover that you are putting yourself down, then decide that, at least for today, you will stop. After all, if you get so much out of doing this, you can always start again tomorrow 😉 Instead, say your affirmation, tell that judgmental little gremlin that it can have the day off, and allow the world to reflect you back to yourself. You might just get a big surprise!

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Cleaning spell: Place large amethyst or clear quartz crystals in room and office corners to serve as spiritual vacuum cleaners and to boost mental powers and concentration.

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Tarot Beginners Guide: • Someone is going through a bad patch in their marriage, and during their reading draws the two of cups. What does this suggest?

Reversed Cards: The Justice card, like other cards in the tarot, allows us to directly see if our inner values and beliefs match up with the physical world we engage in. If we are out of integrity, this disingenuous energy shows up right away in the people we meet, the situations we find ourselves in, and the problems we face. If however, we are walking an authentic path with compassion and kindness, this energy of integrity too will be echoed in our outer experience. This is one of the many ways Justice is able to communicate the truth with you. It holds a mirror up to that which is true and allows you to see where you are being false. This isn’t the easiest aspect of the card. It requires a detached mind and an open and honest heart. It is not easy to see the truth of the experience you have created, but if you have drawn this card in the mirror aspect, that is exactly what you must do.

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Angel Insights : The dove has more in common with angels than just its white-feathered wings. Like angels, the dove is a symbol of Spirit in many religions. In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is often described as descending to earth in the form of a dove. Many ancient goddesses, including Ishtar, Venus, and Aphrodite, are depicted with doves. And legend has it that onlookers saw a dove fly away from the stake when Joan of Arc was burned and killed for revealing that she had spoken with Archangel Michael. Today we usually associate the dove with gentleness, grace, and peace. These are also cardinal character traits of the angels, so you can be sure that if you’re encountering doves—in nature, on television, or in art—you are being given a sign from your guardian angels that you would do well to embody the peaceful, graceful, gentle essence of the dove.