38-Three of Chalices Reversed Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

If you are in a committed relationship and receive The reversed Three of Chalices, you may find that financial stresses are affecting your relationship. If you are single, you may very well meet a new romantic possibility through friends, make a point to get out and mingle (in groups!) if you are looking for love.

Card Meanings: Lack Of Friends, Overindulgence, Miscarriage, Cancelled Celebrations, Over Indulgence, Pain, Gossip, Termination, Broken Engagements, Lack Of Social Life, Gossiping, Hidden, Cheating, Bitchiness, Cancelled Weddings

The Three of Chalices is often considered to be a card of ‘reunions.’ But this is not always a romantic reunion, alas it’s reunion in the broadest sense, running back into (or meeting with, purposefully) someone or something that you have been away from for some time. It’s generally considered to be a happy reunion, an upbeat card.

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Tarot Triumphs
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Tarot Triumphs: As the reader, take the pack and spread it out in your hands, holding the backs toward the other person, and invite the querent to pick one card. You can gradually fan out sections of the cards in slow motion if that helps, rather than trying to spread them out all at once. Usually, the querent picks out the card quickly and decisively without further prompting.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Crowley’s sexual appetite was huge. He married twice but had a number of mistresses, and a seemingly unending stream of willing women were attracted to him. He also had a homosexual relationship with the poet Victor Neuburg, who became his assistant in magic.

Psychic Abilities : Emotional: this particular kind of telepathy has been dangerous in the past. The transmitter often gives off this feeling without knowing it, and the receiver will have the full impact. With emotions such as happiness or love, it might not really matter. Those are good feelings. However, depression or grief can hit with extreme repercussions. Though we have discussed not allowing the feelings to impact our own moods, it can be difficult if you aren’t prepared. There have been instances where someone was struck with the grief that another person felt and it caused them to go mad. Be careful with transmitting feelings, but even more comfortable with shutting down the connection if you feel like someone is negatively effecting your emotions.

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