16-The Tower Reversed Rider Waite Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

Card Meanings: Averting Disaster, Delaying The Inevitable, Avoiding Tragedy, Resisting Change, Old Ways, Rustic, Entrapment, Imprisonment

There are many aspects of the Tower that should remind us of the lessons to be learned within the Death card. All life is change – we can either surrender to this, or fight against it. What the Tower teaches us is that the power of life is undeniable. We can learn our lessons the easy way – by being open and accepting; or we can do things the hard way, clinging to things and ideas that no longer work for us. In that case, life will come along and, like a hurricane, batter us with the winds of change till we submit! So…on a Tower day, we need to examine ourselves to identify the things to which we are clinging that no longer serve us well. We need to be alert to the concepts life itself presents us with. So this day could be one in which people talk relevantly to you, without knowing that they are doing that. Listen carefully for random symbols which will point you in the right direction. When the Tower rules, it is possible that unexpected events will take place that you hadn’t seen coming. If so, remember that to resist change is to deny life, and bear in mind that life is eventually going to win this battle anyhow – so lie back, relax and accept. And keep your sense of humour close at hand!

Sometimes we will be asked to take a blind leap of faith under the influence of the Tower – remember this card signals breakthrough and extension – growth from experience, and self trust. Whenever you are unsure about your abilities to deal with things, remind yourself what you have already passed through in your life. There’s a river of knowledge flowing through you already. Sudden crises are life’s way of telling you to wake up. Something’s wrong, and you’re not responding. Are you too full of pride? Expect a blow to your ego. Are you holding back your anger? Expect the dam to burst. Are you stuck in a rut? Expect a surprise. How you respond to the Tower’s change makes all the difference in how uncomfortable the experience will be. Recognize that the disruption occurred because it was needed. Perhaps embracing the change is too much to ask, but try to find the positive in it. In fact, you may feel tremendous release that you have finally been forced in a new direction. You may have a burst of insight about your situation and reach a new level of understanding about it.

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Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: Medicine system developed by Dr Albert Abrams in the early twentieth century. It is based on radiesthesia (medical dowsing) but instead of a pendulum uses a ‘black box’ to detect and rebalance energy patterns in the body. All bodies radiate an electromagnetic field, and according to Abrams the ‘black box’ he created could distinguish which tissue was healthy and which was diseased, based on the vibrations of a person’s electromagnetic field as they were scanned. Radionic instruments could then be retuned to emit ‘healing vibrations’ which could cure disease. Abrams’s theories enjoyed a couple of years of popularity, and a few enthusiasts still practise radionics today, but it has yet to gain scientific backing.

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Elements of the Psychic World: After his wife of 52 years died in 1955 Jung began work on building a stone castle in his newly acquired property in Bollin-gen. He carved a number of alchemical and mysterious symbols into the stone and the on-going building and alterations to the tower represented to him an extension of consciousness achieved in old age.

Tarot for Beginners: Since their first rise to popularity in the European Renaissance, Tarot cards have captivated the imaginations of people all over the globe. While they began as playing cards, these decks evolved into a method of divination still widely used today. If you’ve ever wanted a Tarot reading, or wondered what it takes to become a Tarot reader, this guide provides an informative first look into this long-trusted tradition.

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Elements of the Psychic World: When the media got hold of the story a search began for the identity of the ghost. It was suggested by Father Francis Edwards, a Jesuit priest and member of the Royal Historical Society, that it might have been Thomas Howard, the fourth Duke of Norfolk. During his lifetime Howard had been involved with plots to overthrow Queen Elizabeth in favour of Mary Queen of Scots. When Elizabeth found out about Howard’s disloyalty he was arrested, sent to the Tower of London and beheaded on 2 June 1572, at the age of 37. The description of Howard matched that given by Burks and many of the details about his life also matched.