12-The Hanged Man Reversed Golden Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

When this card appears in reverse and you’ve not been feeling well, this can be a very important time to consider some radical changes in your habits to see how it affects your health and if it improves it. (With your medical practitioners blessing, of course.) For example, many people have found that their health improves markedly when they completely stop any intake of dairy food or meat or nightshade vegetables. You may change your mind radically about something that you think is wrong with you physically. As with an upright meaning, if you are not feeling well, give it some deep thought, do some research. Its possible that something you thought you understood could best be treated in another way. Listen to your body and what its telling you, and consider the potential spiritual relationship to any physical symptoms.

Card Meanings: Discontentment, Useless Sacrifice, False Prophecy, Unwillingness, Impulsiveness, Apathy, Disinterest, Stagnation, Negative Patterns

The Hanged Man generally shows that you are at a crossroads – one with only two options i.e. in or out, up or down, yes or no. You may find yourself very much wanting to do ‘something’ but having no idea what it is or how to do it. If that happens, that’s a clear sign that you should stop, relax, and look at ways that you might need to let go of attempts to control life/situations/people/things.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: The National Institute of Mental Health says that ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed childhood disorder. It affects some 3 to 5 per cent, possibly more, of all school-age children. The hype and near-hysteria surrounding the use of Ritalin and its

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Reversed Cards: The Hanged Man is influenced by its sun sign cohort, Pisces. This dreamy, watery element is what makes the Hanged Man a creative manifestor. In his state of self-awakening, he is able to tap into the watery flow of intuition and dreamtime. This is important here in the mirror aspect as water is reflective. When one is meditating on images, sounds and smells all pass on by. Some linger while others do not. Once your mind has gotten past the everyday hum, you need to start paying attention to what you see, hear, smell, and feel. These sensations are coming from somewhere, someone, or something. By being able to use the watery element of Pisces here, you will learn to gain access to these images in your meditative states. The more you play with the Hanged Man in this position, the more you will learn, such as how to hold the space for things you wish to manifest. How to summon your next step. How to open up channels of communication with your guides, and how to tap into the divine web of unlimited supply. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that this will be an easy process: remember, the Hanged Man has had to force himself to take this journey. He literally had to tie himself to a tree, which means you too will have to enact some self-discipline and commitment.

Tarot Triumphs: In the Tarot image, the Fool is both jester and beggar. His cap and bells are those of the court fool, but his ragged breeches, traveling staff, and tiny bundle of worldly goods are more in keeping with those of a hand-to-mouth wanderer. The little dog is probably his companion, although some Tarot interpreters see it as a dog chasing him out of the neighborhood that he passes through on his rambles. But they are more likely to be a pair; the Fool and his dog are often found together in medieval pictures. Historically, the Fool or jester was a very important character. His job was to deflate pomposity, to speak the truth when no one else dared, and to lighten up tension with cheeky humor. At the time of the earliest known Tarot cards, in fifteenth-century Italy, the employment of a fool or jester was at its peak of popularity, so this image would have been well known to early users of the Tarot.3

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Reversed Cards: The Four of Wands in the upright position tends to show us a lovely supportive scene. There is strength in community and unity in a group. Here in the blocked aspect there is a chance you are rejecting this concept outright or are having trouble pulling all your wands together to form a tent, which is what this card often reminds me of—trying to put up a tent. The tent symbolizes order, structure, and getting things to work in harmony. Sometimes it works well and the poles—or in this case, wands—behave, and sometimes only one stands up and your tent looks like a pitiful mess. Oh, the joys of the blocked Four of Wands.