04-The Emperor Upright Golden Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

It looks as though a kind, older man may be part of your scenario. This could be a work colleague, or your father or a father-type figure. Perhaps he will be interested in you romantically. If so, don’t rule him out, just because of his age. You may feel that this man rules with an iron fist and that he can be frustrating at times. Despite that he is trying to help you to see that rules have their place and their reasons, and you will come out all the better for it. Above all else, this man teaches – without even trying, perhaps – the benefits of structure and logic ruling over the emotions and lesser desires.

Card Meanings: Fatherhood, Older Man, Structure, Rules And Power, Stability, Protectiveness, Authority, Dependability, Logical, Father-Figure

The appearance of The Emperor shows us that domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes necessary even though it is not wanted. In fact he should be welcomed and that is what you must think about when he appears. When hard choices must be made it’s important to maintain your concentration and focus. The Emperor signals this but he also signals that now is a time you should find it easier to make hard choices. Enjoy the assertiveness and confidence that this self-control and focus brings. Forge ahead and do what you know is best. If you can master yourself then you should have little problem mastering most of the other obstacles that life throws at you.

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Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Abilities : Now even though you might be worried about what people will think about you, if you decide to come forward with your secret, that’s no way to live. You really need to be open and honest with your friends and family, so they can love and accept you for who you are. However, coming forward with the secret is probably a lot harder than you might think. Luckily, there are several things that you can try to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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Portable Magic: Having energized the altar of the elements and established yourself at the centre of the universe, the next task is to enclose the altar within a magic circle. Lay out the circle of the zodiac trumps clockwise, beginning in the east with the Emperor (Aries). When the circle has been completed, conceive doorways of light floating in the air above each trump of the circle. With your right index finger, touch the significator, then each of the zodiacal trumps in

Elements of the Psychic World: Perhaps the famous example of gematria is neither Jewish nor Hebraic. It can be found in the Book of Revelation, where St John mentions the number of the Beast as 666. Early Christians thought this referred to the Roman Emperor Nero, who violently persecuted Christians. The number equivalent of his name in Greek, Nero Caesar, comes to 666. See Numerology.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Philosophy developed out of Platonic thought (see Plato) from the third century AD onwards by the philosopher Plotinus and later under Iamblichus and Porphyry. Neo-Platonism placed more emphasis on mystical vision. The goal of humankind is the vision and union with God and this can only be achieved by withdrawing from everything that is material. A combination of Platonic philosophy and Eastern mysticism, there are echoes of Neo-Platonism in the Kabbalah and other esoteric systems. Neo-Platonism was at its peak from about 250 to 550. It was banned in 529 by Emperor Justinian but was revived by Renaissance mystics.