04-The Emperor Reversed Rider Waite Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

Card Meanings: Rigidity, Excessively Controlling, Loss Of Business, Absentee Father, Abuse Of Power, Lack Of Control, Family Problems, Lack Of Ambition, Dependency, Stubbornness, Lack Of Discipline

The figure of the Emperor says much about the essential qualities of this card. We see a stern, commanding figure seated on a stone-slab throne. His back is straight, and his eyes meet ours directly. He is confident of his complete authority to rule. Just as the Empress embodies the female power and force, the Emperor encapsulates the male dynamic force in life. Here we find action, decisiveness and high energy. There are also many connections with fatherhood and kingship for the Emperor. This is a card that indicates responsibility, a sense of commitment, protection and strong leadership.

On a day ruled by the Emperor, we need to engage all our energies in order to take dynamic steps forward in life. This is a day which offers us terrific opportunities to forge ahead in important areas. Spiritually, we can often make big realisations, and receive clear divine guidance which resolves difficult or troublesome issues. So if your spirit is troubled by ethical issues, use this day to offer up these problems to the high powers, and await omens or directive. Remember also, that on a day ruled by the Emperor, there’s a special type of strength in the air. So, if you are feeling vulnerable or frail, reach out for the power of the Emperor’s influence, and be renewed! The Emperor can represent an encounter with authority or the assumption of power and control. As the regulator, he is often associated with legal matters, disciplinary actions, and officialdom in all its forms. He can also stand for an individual father or archetypal Father in his role as guide, protector and provider.

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Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: Eleanor was born on 11 March 1845 at the Balfour family estate at Wittinghame, East Lothian, Scotland. She was encouraged in her studies by her parents, who supported the education of women, and at the age of 27 she inherited the management of the estate. Like most of the other members of the Balfour family she was interested in psychical phenomena and was part of a group formed in 1874 to investigate spiritualism. It was at this group that she met Henry Sidgwick, whom she married in 1876. The couple shared a commitment to women’s education as well as an interest in mediumship.

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Portable Magic: Taking up the pile of cards that contains the twelve trumps of the zodiac, Mary lays them around the altar on the table, beginning with the Emperor on Aries in the east, and proceeding clockwise. If the proportions of the cards she is using permit it, she lays out the circle so that the corners of the cards touch, and they are closely gathered around the altar. Only if the cards are uncommonly long and narrow may the circle be slightly small for the altar, and have to be expanded. She does not worry if the circle is a bit irregular, or if there are gaps between the cards. What is imperfect in the material world can be made perfect in the astral world.

Tarot for Beginners: Tarot cards can be bought online, but it’s ideal to go to a store in person to choose your deck—many bookstores will have a reasonably wide selection. There, you can look at the decks closely and, more importantly, hold them in your hands.

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Elements of the Psychic World: The practice dates back to ancient Rome where a sacred grove of laurel trees was planted by each emperor when they ascended to the throne. In the year AD 68 the laurel grove withered and died. This was the same year Emperor Nero died and the long line of Caesars came to an end.