07-The Chariot Reversed Golden Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

The reversed Chariot may well point to a tendency to push too far, too fast. Yes, your ideas are good, and yes, you are right to be enthusiastic about them. However you cannot expect others to be at the same speed as you are. Be circumspect, and try to frame your messages in a variety of ways so that others can hear you.

Card Meanings: Lack Of Direction, Unsuccessful, Lack Of Self-Control, Coercion, Aggression, Vanquishment, Failure, Forcefulness, Defeat, Powerlessness

The Chariot indicates a lot of energy but not free-for-all energy. It’s directed, controlled, and has a goal in mind. When this card appears you are likely to be fairly clear on what your hopes and dreams involve and what you are willing to do to make them come true.

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Portable Magic
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Portable Magic: For many years, I used Tarot magic as part of my own ritual work but did not teach it, or even reduce it to a separate integrated system. In several of my books, I mention it briefly as a subject worth the consideration of serious readers. For example, in my first book,

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Angel Encyclopedia: In contrast to Helios, the god of light, and the devil, god of darkness, Abraxas appears as the supreme power of being in whom light and darkness are both united and transcended. He is also defined as the principle of irresistible activity and is a close approximation of an active manifestation of the Pleroma. Gnostic talismans bearing the figure of Abraxas were saved because they were carved into valuable stones, usually oval. They show a figure with a human body, the head of a rooster (or more seldom of a hawk), and legs fashioned like serpents. The god’s hands hold a shield and a whip, the shield usually inscribed with the name IAO, reminiscent of the Jewish four-letter name of God. He is often mounted on a chariot drawn by four white horses, with both sun and moon, gold and silver, masculine and feminine overhead.

Creative Tarot: So how did the deck come about? A. E. Waite was a mystic and a scholar with ties to both the Golden Dawn and the Freemasons. He had written extensively on many esoteric subjects, such as alchemy, mysticism, and the various mystery cults to which he belonged. Here Waite’s scholarly and mystical interests played an important role in the fate of the tarot.

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Angel Encyclopedia: In 3 ENOCH, Rikbiel rules the eight wheels (galgalim) of the chariot of the throne of Glory. There are two wheels for each direction, and they are enclosed by the four winds: Storm, Tempest, Hurricane, and Gale. Four rivers flow out beneath them and four clouds encircle them: the Clouds of Fire, Clouds of Firebrand, Clouds of Glowing Coal, and Clouds of Brimstone. The movement of the wheels creates earthquake roars and thunder rumbling. When the time comes to recite the Qedussah, the wheels tremble and angels writhe in agony. Voices issue forth from beside the wheels.