59-Ten of Athames Upright Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

You may have already taken steps to improve an existing love relationship when this card appears, if so, that’s a good thing. However, more work may be needed if this relationship is to survive. Remember that any relationship takes two; problems are almost never entirely the fault of one party. If you are looking for love, it’s possible that you think that you are more ready for a long term commitment than you actually are. Give this some deep thought. You don’t have to conform to society’s expectations – unless they are truly right for you.

Card Meanings: Surviving Disaster, Being Saved, Courage, Positive Energy, Worst Is Yet To Come, Good Health, Relapse, Things Getting Better, Being Beyond Help, Total Ruin, Pulling Yourself Together, Learning From Past Hardships, Fears Coming True, Over The Worst, Escaping Ruin, Despair, Rising Above Problems/Haters/Bitchiness

The Ten of Athames does carry an unpleasant connotation, but it is also not necessarily the end of the world. When it appears, however, it is a clear signal to be careful about where you put your trust.

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Tarot Ultimate Guide: There are a variety of different Tarot decks available to those that want to use them. There are some decks that are specifically designed for those who are just learning how to read the cards. You can generally pick these up at your local book store. Keep in mind that this deck is for you to practice with, to get the feel of shuffling the cards, and to become familiar with what each card represents. Once you get familiar with the cards and you start getting to know the cards, you will then be ready to select a more personalized deck. You might find that you get either a negative or a positive feeling as you are holding a deck. Pay attention to this feeling. This is the cards talking to you. Trust your gut when it is time to select a new deck.

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Portable Magic: Golden Dawn: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a secret Rosicrucian society founded in London in 1888 by three Freemasons for the purpose of studying, teaching, preserving, and practicing ritual magic in the Western tradition.

Development for Beginners: Anyways, before I divulge any more details about my love life, the point I’m trying to make is that astrological knowledge can absolutely come in handy when it comes to the establishment and maintenance of romantic relationships. You can use the knowledge to nip a potentially disastrous relationship in the bud, or you can use it to deal more effectively with disagreements that may arise.

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