14-Temperance Reversed Mage Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

When Temperance is reversed, there is still most likely to be a good balance between what is going out and what is coming in money-wise. However, you must not simply sit back and expect the world to suddenly pay you what you are worth and what you deserve. Have the courage to ask for what you need and your money flow will increase.

Card Meanings: Discord, Imbalance, Impatience, Clashing, Recklessness, Excess, Lack Of Perspective, Self-Indulgence, Disunion, Conflict, Antagonism, Frustration

Temperance is a card about balance, in many ways, and relationships of all kinds. Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships all need your attention. This is also a card about alchemy or mixing and matching. You may have to try several approaches to things before you find what is truly right for you.

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Tarot Triumphs
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Tarot Triumphs: In a rounded reading, we can try to see too what aspect of the Tower predominates. As mentioned at the start of this chapter, the general theme of the question, the position of the Tower within the spread, and its relationship to the other cards around it can help to highlight one element over another. So, for instance, the unexpected strike of lightning could be the main factor, indicating a sudden ‘bolt out of the blue.’ Or perhaps the stones that fall from the sky are the key feature, signifying loss of money, status, or possessions.

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Reversed Cards: If you have ever felt out of alignment, off balance, and completely out of place, then you have experienced Temperance in the blocked aspect. When Temperance is blocked, it is almost impossible to feel like you have a clear head or a focused plan of action. Stress, anxiety, and doubt will be the three major players in your life, and there is a good chance you are self-medicating just to avoid the issue. Yes, Temperance does look like an esoteric bartender. The good news is the healing energy of this card is still available to you; the key to this aspect of Temperance is meditation. When all else fails, meditation should always be your go-to. Try downloading an app like Stop, Breathe & Think and plug yourself into one of many free and quick meditations. If nothing else, it will put a gap between you and your normal, habitual denial go-to.

Creative Tarot: And every time you look at the map questioningly, every time you wonder what the hell you’re doing, whether you are actually in the Andes when you thought you were in the Carpathians, you can ask the tarot to nudge you in the right direction. Every time the story you’ve been telling yourself about what you’re doing and why seems inadequate, the tarot can help you update it.

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Tarot Triumphs: Insights about the nature of the card may come to you during the day too. Write those down if you can, or make a mental note and record them later. You may be surprised how synchronicities can crop up, linking the day’s experiences to the qualities of the cards. I decided to refresh my connection with the cards by doing this exercise myself while writing this book, and during my progression through the images I noted quite a number of these symbolic occurrences. The day I was studying the Tower, for instance, part of my tooth broke off, causing a jagged rift rather like that of lightning rupturing the Tower. The day I was pondering Temperance, I happened to visit a water mill and found myself listening to the sound of water going through a millrace, another kind of controlled outpouring. You could argue that one can find associations in the external world with whatever card is chosen for that day. Perhaps this is true; but even if they are not always startling coincidences, we can use what life throws up to help illuminate the spirit of the cards.