28-Seven of Wands Upright Rider Waite Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

By facing your fears and turning them to your advantage, you grow even stronger, and ready to face the next obstacle in your path. Indeed, there can be no courage without fear to inspire it. That fear does not need to be your master any more. If an opportunity calls you, cast away your doubt and go for it with courage in your hands. If you feel that now is the time to take a step towards your dream, throw hesitation to the winds and let nothing stand in your way. In short, whatever your clear desires are, go for them!

Card Meanings: Determined, Fighting Your Corner, Maintaining Control, Harassment, Under Attack, Scapegoat, Stiff Competition, Protective, Strong Will, Challenging, Energy, Assertive, Taking High Road, Busy, Standing Up For Beliefs, Defensive, Blame, Relentless, Courage, Hectic, Victory, Territorial, Opposing, Holding Your Own, Stamina, Forceful, Resisting

When the Seven of Wands appears, you are likely to find that in any sort of competitive situation, that you come out on top. Things should be going very well, you should be feeling good, and projects should be moving right along. You may still have regular moments of self-doubt, unfortunately, but now is time to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: A sceptic might conclude that the Delphic Oracle was simply a con artist who extracted money from gullible clients in return for little of value. A more sophisticated critic might regard this story as proof of the wisdom of Apollo, a god who knew that providing an unambiguous vision of the future would prevent his devotees from assuming responsibility for their actions, rendering them unable to grow spiritually as they chose their own destinies.

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Reversed Cards: Sometimes we need to focus on one thing and one thing only. When the Seven of Wands shows up in the protection aspect, you might need to think about your immediate needs as opposed to your global vision. It’s great to want to leave your mark on the world and take a firm stand for your beliefs, but right now you need to focus on the I and not the we. The energy of the wands burns quickly and fiercely, and you are the one who needs that intense energy.

Complete Book of Tarot: Understanding—the Great Mother. Binah is associated with the planet Saturn. The tarot cards related to the number three are the Empress (III), the Hanged Man (XII, 1 + 2 = 3), the Universe (XXI, 2 + 1 = 3), and all pip cards numbered three.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Card 2 was the King of Cups. This king is often a professional person who can be of assistance to the querent, perhaps someone who could help him achieve the financial goal of card one.