42-Seven of Chalices Upright Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

When is comes to love, this card in reverse says that you have finally gotten very clear about what you want and need from love, and are ready to take steps to make it happen. Follow your instincts. There is nothing wrong with making your feelings clear to someone that you care for. You may be very pleasantly surprised at their reaction. It’s better to take action sometimes than to spend your life in dreaming about ‘what if?’ Again, trust your gut. If you think (and have evidence) that someone is not treating you right, then they aren’t.

Card Meanings: Determination, Will-Power, Clarity, Missed Opportunities, Poor Choices, Avoiding Issues, Lack Of Spiritual Growth, Sobriety, Reality Check, Opportunities Or Options, Lack Of Choice, Reality, Decisiveness, Feeling Trapped

The Seven of Chalices is a card about choices. It often indicates confusion and can even also point to disorganization and too much going on.

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Tarot Ultimate Guide
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Tarot Ultimate Guide: When asking the Tarot cards about your work and the Magician appears, there is good news on the horizon. The Magician represents improvement when it comes to work. This could mean that it would be the optimal time to start a new career. You might want to consider asking for a promotion in your current position.

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Portable Magic: Consequently, the most active and forceful of the trumps in works of magic are the three linked to the Mother letters, and to the zones of the active elements Water, Air, and Fire that are nearest the central earthly realm. These three trumps are more physically

Complete Book of Tarot: Mathers (1888): Lover or mistress, love, sweetness, affection, pure and chaste love; (R) disgraceful love, imprudence, license, profligacy.

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