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Clairvoyants, Mediums and Psychics in Western Isles

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Jan Dayton

In memory of clairvoyant psychic Jan Dayton, now working from spirit.
Jan was a trustee of Banyan Retreat and constantly supported all that we do here. She passed within a few days of being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer.
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Ashford, Kent,TN26 1AR
Tel: 01233-714155
Psychics Western Isles

Clairvoyants, Mediums and Psychics in Western Isles please contact us for your free listing here. If you were searching for a psychic in Western Isles or any of the following areas, please reach out to us with the details of the psychic you eventually go to.

Covering the following areas in Western Isles: Castlebay, Harris, Isle Of Benbecula, Isle Of Lewis, Isle Of Scalpay, Leverburgh, Lochboisdale, Lochmaddy, Stornoway

Psychics Western Isles

This page is part of our psychics directory for Western Isles. If you weren’t looking for psychics in Western Isles use the search at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, we have some amazing books that may help if you want to know more about beoming a psychic. Please see below.

Here are some extracts from a few of my favorites

Psychic Development for Beginners. The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. Grace Loveman Click to Buy the Book!

Development for Beginners: Even if you don’t plan on communicating your psychic abilities to anyone else, it is still beneficial to know the definitions of key words and phrases so that you can digest the material more quickly and readily. This is also why I am including this section at the beginning of the book rather than at the end.

Books to help develop your powers as a medium

Development for Beginners: In 1882, the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) was founded in London. It served as the premier systematic effort of organizing scholarly minds for a prolonged, scientific investigation of psychic and paranormal phenomena. The SPR was attended by philosophers, scientists, scholars, and politicians, including notable names such as Arthur Balfour, William Crookes, and Henry Sidgwick. At the SPR, subject studies were classified into the following categories: hypnotism, telepathy, Reichenbach’s phenomena, apparitions, haunts, and materialization.

Development for Beginners: The signs of the zodiac don’t necessarily correspond with being psychic; although, if you read your daily horoscopes in newspapers or magazines, you are likely to discover that they are often surprisingly accurate.

Full List of areas covered on our Western Isles Psychics page:

Abhainnsuidhe, Achadh Mor, Aignis, Aird, Aird a’ Mhulaidh, Aird a’Mhachair, Aird Asaig, Aird Dhail, Aird Leimhe, Aird Mhige, Aird Mhighe, Aird Thunga, Aird Uige, Airidh a’Bhruaich, Aisgernis, Allathasdal, An t-Ob, Ardmhor, Arinambane, Arnol, Athlinne, Bac, Baghasdal, Baile Ailein, Baile a’Mhanaich, Baile an Truiseil, Baile Gharbhaidh, Baile Glas, Baile Mhic Phail, Baile Mor, Baile na Cille, Baile nan Cailleach, Baile Raghaill, Balelone, Balmartin, Barraglom, Barvas, Bhalamus, Bhaltos, Bhatarsaigh, Boirseam, Borgh, Borghastan, Bornais, Botarua, Bragar, Breacleit, Breanais, Breascleit, Breibhig, Bru, Buaile nam Bodach, Buirgh, Bun Abhainn Eadarra, Cabharstadh, Cairinis, Cairisiadar, Cairminis, Calanais, Calbost, Caolas, Caolas Scalpaigh, Carloway, Carragrich, Castlebay, Ceallan, Ceann a’Bhaigh, Ceann Loch Shiphoirt, Cearsiadar, Ceathramh Meadhanach, Ceos, Cille Bhrighde, Cille Pheadair, Cirbhig, Clachan, Cladach a’Chaolais, Cladach Chircebost, Cluer, Cnoc, Coig Peighinnean, Col, Coruna, Cradhlastadh, Creag Ghoraidh, Crois Dughaill, Cros, Crosbost, Crulabhig, Cuidhaseadair, Cuidhir, Cuidhtinis, Dail Beag, Dail Bho Dheas, Dail Bho Thuath, Dail Mor, Dalabrog, Drimore, Eadar Dha Fhadhail, Earsairidh, Einacleit, Eisgean, Eolaigearraidh, Eorodal, Eoropaidh, Fibhig, Fleoideabhagh, Gabhsunn Bho Dheas, Gabhsunn Bho Thuath, Garrabost, Garrynahine, Gearraidh Bhailteas, Gearraidh Bhaird, Gearraidh na Monadh, Gearrannan, Geirninis, Geisiadar, Giosla, Gleann Ghrabhair, Gleann Tholastaidh, Gobhaig, Grabhair, Gramsdal, Greinetobht, Greosabhagh, Griais, Griminis, Grimsiadar, Griomarstaidh, Groigearraidh, Haunn, Hogha Gearraidh, Hosta, Huisinis, Iochda, Islibhig, Kenmore, Kennavay, Kintarvie, Kirkibost, Labost, Lacasaigh, Lacasdal, Langais, Leac a’Li, Leideag, Leth Meadhanach, Leumrabhagh, Liceasto, Linsiadar, Lionacleit, Lional, Liurbost, Loch Sgioport, Lochboisdale, Lochmaddy, Lochportain, Losgaintir, Ludag, Malacleit, Manais, Mangurstadh, Marthig, Maruig, Meabhag, Mealabost, Mealasta, Melbost, Miabhag, Miabhig, Mingearraidh, Mulhagery, Mullach Charlabhaigh, Newmarket, Northton, Pabail Iarach, Pabail Uarach, Paibeil, Paible, Peighinn nan Aoireann, Poll a’Charra, Port nan Long, Port Nis, Portnaguran, Reinigeadal, Rodel, Ruisigearraidh, Saighdinis, Samhla, Sanndabhaig, Scadabhagh, Scealascro, Scolpaig, Seilebost, Seisiadar, Sgarasta Mhor, Sgiogarstaigh, Siabost, Siadar Iarach, Siadar Uarach, Siulaisiadar, Snishival, Solas, Stadhlaigearraidh, Staoinebrig, Stornoway, Strannda, Suainebost, Suardail, Tabost, Tacleit, Taobh a’Deas Loch Baghasdail, Taobh Siar, Tarbert, Teanamachar, Tigh a’Gearraidh, Timsgearraidh, Tobha Mor, Tobson, Tolastadh, Tolastadh a’Chaolais, Tolastadh Ur, Tom an Fhuadain, Torlum, Trosaraidh, Trumaisge Arraidh, Tunga, Uachdar, Uigen, Uisgebhagh, Urgha