58-Nine of Swords Upright Rider Waite Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

Worrying about your job is not going to help matters. Focus on what you can control, and try to leave your anxiety by the wayside. If you are looking for work, think positively, and don’t hesitate to ask for help in your search. The next person you talk to about may just be the one who knows of an opening which would be perfect for you.

Card Meanings: Suspicion, Anxiety, Overwhelmed, Joylessness, Nightmares, Stress, Guilt, Negativity, Mental Anguish, Burden, Terror, Deep Unhappiness, Isolation, Remorse, Hormonal, At Breaking Point, Focusing On Past, Desolation, Insomnia, Subject Of Gossip, Cruelty, Fear, Illness, Making Mountains Out Of Molehills, Menopause, Despair, Inability To Cope Or Face Life, Regret

The Nine of Swords is often a card about anxiety and fear. Look closely at what you are worried about. Try not to blame people or situations for how you are feeling. Pay attention to your breathing; this helps with a feeling of calmness.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: When reversed, the Star card suggests that you are not feeling hopeful about a positive outcome. You may be suffering a crisis of faith or feeling beset by doubts that things will not work out in the end. Now is a time to assess your situation realistically and banish any false hopes or expectations based on illusion. Are you able to see the glass only as being half empty? Are you unable to recognize the guiding trail beneath your feet? Keep in mind the moral of Aesop’s fable: the gods help those who help themselves.

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Reversed Cards: The Nine of Swords in the mirror aspect reminds me of the legendary dark mirror artifact that shows people their greatest fear. Maybe it should be said that it shows them the truth about the human experience, that we are nothing but rotting flesh that eventually will decompose, leaving nothing but bare bones. This in-your-face reminder of impermanence is enough to tailspin most people into a sudden victim state. But the truth is accepting one’s temporary nature is the only way to release the grip of suffering and find true inner peace. You could say that receiving the Nine of Swords in the mirror aspect is the next step along your path of enlightenment.

Complete Book of Tarot: The accompanying table shows the Golden Dawn’s scheme of zodiac signs and planetary rulers for the pip cards. Some tarot readers use the range of dates assigned to each card as an aid to judging the timing of events in a spread. (In this table: W = Wands, P = Pentacles, S = Swords, and C = Cups.)

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Complete Book of Tarot: Card 8, the experience of those surrounding the querent, was the Nine of Cups, often called the ‘wish card.’ Most likely this card referred to his girlfriend’s belief that getting pregnant would be a wish come true.