29-Eight of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

In the context of love, when the Eight of Wands reversed appears, you may need to watch out for pangs of jealousy, whether in an existing committed love relationship or in a relationship that you are just hopeful about. Jealousy gets you nowhere and is not proof of love. Be self-possessed and self-sufficient.

Card Meanings: Unfinished Business, Lack Of Energy, Bad Timing, Impulsive, Courage, Slow Progress, Violence, Quarrels, Slowness, Hysterical, Lack Of Speed/ Movement/ Action/ Results, Restriction, Late Start, Losing Momentum, Panicked, Lack Of Romance, Missed Opportunities, Impatient, Negativity, Delayed/ Cancelled/ Returning From Travel Or Holidays

When the Lord of Swiftness comes up in a reading, it shows that there is an energy available which will break down obstacles, move restrictions and allow the free flow of power in any situation you direct it toward. Often there will have been problems which refuse to yield to any reasonable solution previously attempted. However on a day ruled by the 8 of Wands even the most intractable and stubborn difficulties will simply fall away when the downrush of power is felt from this card. Accordingly, on an 8 of Wands day, go looking for problems! Try to locate those things – whether major or minor, that have refused resolution till now. When you find something that seems applicable, sit down for a few minutes and mentally walk around the obstacle, trying to get a new perspective on it.

This thinking period is important, because when this card rules, there is rapid and swift communication – either intuitively or in real terms, which allows you to see a way through the maze of complications that can build up around the most mundane of tasks. Expect, during your period of contemplation, to see new possibilities for solving the problem. Wait for the out-of-the-blue thought that strikes you as though from nowhere. When you discover it, try it out, no matter how outlandish it may at first appear. Be open to what life tells you – not as a result of seeking advice, but as a spontaneous offering from the people around you. When we leave ourselves open for the Universe to convey its thoughts to us, they can arrive from the most unexpected sources! Be prepared to consider any options offered to you obliquely – don’t take them at face value; try to turn them into applications for the matter you are attempting to resolve. And allow your sense of humour full rein – you need a light-hearted attitude to get the best out of this card. You’ll be amazed at the things you will get done on a day ruled by the Lord of Swiftness.

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Portable Magic: Venus: affection, sympathy, unity, acquisition, attraction, fertility, pregnancy, nurture, harmony, nature, nourishment, a female lover

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Portable Magic: Which cardinal direction the triangle points toward will depend on the purpose of the ritual. It should be placed in the east, south, west, or north, to correspond with the element that best accords

Portable Magic: There is some evidence that at its earliest beginnings the Tarot had not four, but six court cards in each suit, and that subsequently two of them were dropped. In a hand painted Italian Tarot deck dated around 1441, each suit contains three pairs of court cards: King Queen, Knight Dame, and Page Maid. This may have been part of the original design for the Tarot, but if so, it did not survive more than a few decades, and was quickly replaced with the four court cards in each suit with which we are familiar.

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Tarot Triumphs: The effects of this exercise may be enlivening, or even electrifying, but do not give them too much permanent importance. They help us get to know the life of the Tarot cards, but they are not necessarily a pointer to fixed interpretations. Again, making notes is useful, and it can be enlightening to file them away for a few months before reading them with fresh eyes. Not only are there likely to be details you have forgotten, but you may find that new associations are sparked off from what you have written, bursting into life like sparks from a smoldering coal.