13-Death Reversed Thoth Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

As with an upright meaning of this card, if you are clinging to a relationship that you are deeply unhappy in because you do not want to let go of the familiar, or because you hate to be alone, you are doing neither yourself or your partner any favors. However, when the card is in reverse, the problems are likely to be LESS major than they would be if the card was showing upright. Regardless, if you are in a difficult relationship now, it may be helpful to have a frank and honest discussion about the problem(s) you have with the relationship, and if they cant or wont make a change (or you cant or wont,) then perhaps its time to let it go. If you can be brave and take the chance of leaving the security of this relationship, you can find one that works much better. But first, you have to face the problem, and try to fix it. Not all relationships are fixable. Do not beat your head against a wall for very long. You’ll know when its long enough. If you are single and looking for love now, there may need to be a transformation in how you see yourself/an increase in your self esteem in order for love to come to you. Give it some thought.

Card Meanings: Immobility, Death, Fear Of Beginnings, Repeating Negative Patterns, Stagnation, Resisting Change, Inability To Move Forward, Slow Changes, Cheating

Death can sometimes, but not often, indicate physical death, referring to a passing already happened. This card more often indicates transformation and change. This is definitely a time of deep transformation, likely to be both internally and externally in your life. Situations, things, and people that you have counted on or gotten used to may no longer be available to you in quite the same way as they once were. This transition can be very difficult for some people. The change though, is nearly always needed.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Bhakti Toga is described as the path of love, devotion and faith. Practitioners believe that love and devotion directed towards God and/or humanity and any living creature is the path to enlightenment.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Waite (1911): One seated on her couch in lamentation, with the swords over her. She is as one who knows no sorrow which is like unto hers. It is a card of utter desolation. Divinatory Meanings: Death, failure, miscarriage, delay, deception, disappointment, despair; an ecclesiastic; (R) imprisonment, suspicion, doubt, reasonable fear, shame.

Tarot Card Meanings: However, in many peoples’ minds today the word ‘Tarot’ is inextricably linked to their esoteric use for fortune telling and today there are a huge variety of Tarot decks available, although all share some common features.  Depending on the deck, meanings can vary, but many share a basic meaning which is related to the oldest interpretations of the card meanings for fortune telling purposes.  This book looks at the individual meanings for each of the Tarot cards and uses interpretations of the traditional meaning assigned to each card.  The book can be used in conjunction with any set of Tarot cards, either along with the deck’s own interpretations to gain a broader and deeper context to the card meanings, or simply used alone. 

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Psychic Abilities : *Near Death Experience or Accidents – This is probably one of the most common reasons as to why people have a psychic awakening. How many times have you heard people tell you about starting to see spirits or have gut feelings after being involved in something that brought them near death or even just a really scary accident? You know those types of accidents that cause you to start thinking twice about your life and how you are living it.