73-Ten of Pentacles – Reversed Rider Waite Deck

Your Chosen Card – Ten of Pentacles Reversed Rider Waite Deck

When reversed, the Ten of Coins hints at a family feud related to financial insecurity or a matter of legacy or inheritance. The person in charge of planning for the needs of his or her dependents has instead been guilty of unwise speculation or poor financial planning. In some cases, this card may highlight problems related to gambling. Alternatively, the person who should be providing for the family has opted to hoard his or her wealth rather than use it for the benefit of others.

Keywords Reversed: Financial insecurity, loss, robbery, dissipation, family feuds, gambling debts, failed speculation, unwise use of money, reckless spending, hoarding one’s wealth rather than using it to benefit others.

Timing: 20 Virgo–30 Virgo. Tropical, 12 September–22 September. Sidereal, 7 October–16 October.
Astrology: Nimble and clever Mercury (dignified) in the third decan of earthy Virgo, realm of the Queen of Swords (Water of Air) and the Hermit (Virgo). Mercury is linked to the Magician.
Number Symbolism: 10 – one too many, the fullness of completion, readiness to begin a new cycle.

Ten Of Coins: A Prosperous Household

When Ten of Pentacles is reversed you can pretty much take it that life is going well but that’s when life takes us by surprise.  If Ten of Pentacles is unclear it may help to choose a card from the Major Arcana to provide more insight into what it is Ten of Pentacles is trying to tell you.  If you had a particular issue in  mind, or want to seek clarification on something else, you can also choose again to get more guidance.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Astrology: Quick and clever Mercury, messenger of the gods, in the second decan of airy Aquarius, realm of the Waite King/Thoth Prince of Swords (Air of Air) and the Star (Aquarius). Mercury is linked to the Magician.

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Creative Tarot: You become your highest self by blending the four elements of the tarot deck—Cups (emotions), Wands (passion), Swords (intellect), and Coins (pragmatism)—with a sense of spirituality. You can substitute morality here if you like. You remove your own private concerns because there’s simply no room for them. It’s a bit like the detachment taught in Buddhism or the denial of the ego in Christianity. When we let the ego rule, we get stuck with the Devil, who is ten cards up at number fifteen. Here you put aside your own needs and work from a place of virtue. That’s how you become a leader.

Complete Book of Tarot: As we have seen, each tarot card can be assigned to one of the classical four elements of antiquity. As will be explained further on, the combination of elements determines how the cards in question affect each other’s dignity. By way of review:

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Tarot Triumphs: Who was the old lady? I have thought about her many times since. I can only speculate, as I relish the impact of the experience, which is still vivid in my mind. But I would guess that she was from a long line of fortune-tellers, those who had passed on the meaning of the Tarot cards through centuries of divination. This is all the more likely because the encounter occurred in the part of Italy where Tarot itself took root and evolved in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Perhaps she was one of the last of her kind to practice the traditional form of Tarot fortune-telling, going from house to house, or standing, as she did, in marketplaces and at fairs and festivals. Although today you can easily find a Tarot reader, finding someone who has been taught Tarot as part of a way of life, through an oral tradition, is a rarity.