12 The Angel Of Eternal Love – Reversed

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The all-seeing eye confirms that this is an angel of the Heaven of Paradise. The dolphin stands for the consciousness and joy of eternal love, as do the waves beneath it. The fiery wheels are the symbol of the Seraphim. The snake eating its tail is the oroborous, symbol for wholeness and eternity.

The Angel Of Eternal Love

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Paradise , The Angel of Eternal Love is in the group known as Seraphim.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To transmit God’s eternal and unconditional love
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to remember that love is forever; release the fear that love is limited; open to the spirit which is the source of this love

The Angel of Eternal Love is a source of comfort and solace for anyone who grieves for lost love. In point of fact, love cannot be lost. It is indelible and remains a part of us through eternity. It is as though love becomes grafted on to our souls, and with each experience of love our soul expands and develops. It enhances and enlarges our perspective of ourselves, it helps us to realize that the universe is a safe and sweet place, meant to give us happiness and joy.

All love can be re-experienced in the conscious memory with the use of meditation, or various healing techniques. Love does not die with the physical body. It is eternal. It can be recalled when we have need of it.

The Angel of Eternal Love offers each of us who love the joy of knowing that the spirit holds the memory of love. When we have lost someone close to us the love shared does not diminish. It actually stays with us, becomes a part of us and furthers our spiritual development. This angel helps us to be aware of that fact and helps us to keep love alive in our hearts. At some point in our lives we will need its love and assistance, for we cannot escape loss in this physical world. This angel brings us comfort and the awareness that love never dies. Love can connect people through lifetimes and may even re-unite people who have loved in the past and who come together in this lifetime to complete that love. Some love can endure through ages of separation. When people are soul-mates they will find one another again, be it on this physical plane or at another, more ethereal level.

We can pray to The Angel of Eternal Love to remove the veil of unconsciousness that stands between us and our awareness of eternal love. If we are lonely or bereft we can pray to this angel to find comfort in the memory of a love which was essential for us at some time in our life. We can consciously choose to remember the love of friends, family, teachers, in fact anyone with whom we shared love. That memory stays with us and is a part of who we are. That love is indelible.

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Angel Encyclopedia: Fourth hour of the night: The ‘holy, holy, holy’ praise of the seraphim. Adam comments that once he heard the beat of their wings to the sound of their triple praise, but after his fall, heard them no more.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Famous spirit control for a number of major nineteenth-century mediums. John King served as a control for the Davenport brothers, Agnes Guppy a n d Madame Blavatsky, to name but a few. According to his own account John King claimed to have been Henry Owen Morgan, the pirate who was knighted by Charles II and appointed Governor of Jamaica. He first appeared in the flash of a pistol fired by Ira Davenport in 1850, and remained as spirit manager with the Davenports throughout their career. His activity was multifarious. While faithfully serving the Davenports he also appeared during séances to Jonathan Koons in Ohio. King introduced himself as the head of a band of 160 spirits that, he claimed, descended from a race of men known by the generic title Adam, and having as leaders ‘the most ancient angels. They signed their communications as King No. 1, No. 2., etc., and sometimes: Servant and Scholar of God.’

Angel Insights : Using your guardian angels’ names might help you stay more connected to them, or make your guardian angels seem more ‘real’ to you. Asking for help or guidance for a family member by addressing your loved one’s guardian angels by name can also make you feel more empowered and connected to the angel realm.

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