01-The Sorcerer Upright Salem Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

When The reversed Sorcerer appears, it can indicate feelings of helplessness and of being stuck when it comes to money. The truth of the matter is that you can make changes, and you can improve your lot in life, if you will try. If you do what you have always done, there is no doubt that you will basically get what you have always gotten. Think about changes and new ventures that you could try. You may find that they are far more successful than you would expect.

Card Meanings: Insecurity, Delay, Cunning, Unused Ability, Greed, Lack Of Self-Confidence, Unimaginative, Manipulation, Untrustworthiness, Conniving, Trickery

The Sorcerer is about making higher and better use of all of one’s power. Spiritual, emotional, and otherwise. This is another card that often signifies new beginnings and great expectations. This is a very powerful, positive omen in a reading. This card reminds us that we have the power to make a difference, in our lives and in the greater world, if we simply make a point to try. You should note that this is not magic in the sense that you need to do spell-work or anything of that nature. It’s also not ‘magic’ like a stage illusionist performs, which is the somewhat superficial appearance of wondrous feats. This is actual transformation of the literal and figurative world in normal ways. You are not going to have it all handed to you on a plate, but you have the potential to have that plate and a lot of what’s on it if you do the magic yourself. The Sorcerer is all about action. If you do nothing you’ll get nothing. If you don’t know what to do then just do something because anything is better than nothing. In other words if you don’t try you won’t get.

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Tarot Triumphs
Book Details
Tarot Triumphs: A word of caution, though: When I was getting acquainted with another form of card divination (later to become known as the Tree of Life Oracle, for which I wrote the handbook2), I decided to ask who would win the Grand National, the biggest horse race in the British calendar. I am not a betting person, but I thought it would be fun to have a go. I did a three-card reading, and two of the cards that turned up were called the Man of Blood and the Drunkard. I checked the list of runners. Aha! Red Rum was an outsider in the race—surely he would fit the cards rather well? I put some money on him. He won! (And, incidentally, he went on to become one of the most renowned racehorses in history.) Next year, a little guiltily, I confess, I tried the same thing. It didn’t work and I lost my money. The next and final year, I did the same, and lost yet again. The money lost just about canceled out money won.

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Elements of the Psychic World: A magician-priest-healer-wise person who serves tribal peoples of the Americas, India, Australia, Siberia and Mongolia, as well as in some northern European traditions. In other traditions shamans are also known as witch doctors or medicine men.

Complete Book of Tarot: Queens are mature nurturing individuals (mother figures) who are responsive to the emotional climate surrounding the querent. They represent important women related to the current situation or significant personality traits needed by the querent to navigate the matter at hand. When upright, the Queen of Pentacles is skilled at taking care of material needs. She may be reminding you to get sufficient exercise, keep the doctor’s appointment, or properly attend to your finances. Our natural resources are a gift with which we have been entrusted. This queen is especially fertile and may be pregnant with child or with creative ideas about a new business venture. She will come to your aid when you are in financial need.

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