16-The Prisoner Upright Salem Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

When the Prisoner appears in reverse, people around you may be unusually stressed, and arguments and misunderstandings are going to be happening a lot. It is important that you don’t take these personally, and that you don’t involve yourself in conflict unnecessarily or let your ego take over. With The reversed Prisoner, its especially critical to think before you speak.

Card Meanings: Averting Disaster, Delaying The Inevitable, Avoiding Tragedy, Resisting Change, Old Ways, Rustic, Entrapment, Imprisonment

The Prisoner is a card about change. Just as with The Devil and Death, the Prisoner is not as frightening or as ominous as the pictorial representation in most decks. Trying to hold too tightly to the status quo can be disastrous now. ; Roll with the changes.

This reading is part of a work tarot reading using the The Prisoner using cards from the with the Salem Tarot Deck. You will find many more tarot pages that will be of great help if you need tarot card meanings. Use the search at the bottom of the page. We have some amazing tarot books for you to browse. Please see below.

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World of Psychics
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World of Psychics: As we go through the cards, take your deck out and have a look at each card. Don’t hurry this process. Make some notes about how each card makes you feel and what the colour or symbols mean to you. I cannot go into each and every meaning for each and every card here, but I’ll give you enough information to get to grips with the Tarot. Later I’ll give you a meditation process which is a very powerful method of getting to know the characters of the Major Arcana up close and personal – something I loved during my own development.

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Portable Magic: the ray, but leaving the mind aware of the purpose of the projection. That interest in the mind of the magician allows the reciprocal pulse that flows back along the projected ray to enter the mind and cause reaction. What returns along the ray is not the same as what is sent forth. It is coloured and transformed by the nature of its object. However, it is equally powerful. The energy rebounds back and forth along a reciprocating ray, gradually transforming itself through interaction with the sender and the receiver.

Complete Book of Tarot: Crowley/GD: Prudence, skill, artfulness, cunning, carefulness in one’s work, putting something away for a rainy day.

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