18-The Moon Upright Golden Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

Definitely follow your intuition as to your health issues. If a diagnosis (whether that’s positive or negative) doesn’t feel right, or you don’t feel comfortable with your health care provider get a second opinion or a new provider. For those that use alcohol or drugs, this is a time when it is definitely easy to over do it. Indulge if you must but in moderation.

Card Meanings: Intuition, Subconscious, Vagueness, Deception, Error, Misconception, Danger, Instability, Trickery, Disillusionment, Anxiety, Disgrace, Double-Dealing Deception, Fear, Dreams, Illusion

The Moon indicates that things may seem somewhat confusing to you now. You may find it hard to understand where you are coming from, much less what others are thinking and feeling! You need to try to sit with the uncertainty, don’t try to force things or people to do things before they are ready. This card is the ‘Pisces’ of the deck.

This reading is part of a health tarot reading using the The Moon using cards from the with the Golden Tarot Deck. You will find many more tarot pages that will be of great help if you need tarot card meanings. Use the search at the bottom of the page. We have some amazing tarot books for you to browse. Please see below.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: Chinese martial art derived from Kung Fu, which consists of a series of postures linked by slow, graceful movements and accompanied by meditative breathing techniques. The purpose of Tai Chi is to enhance a person’s chi or universal life force and boost health and wellbeing.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Hebrew letter: Quph or Qoph (the sun on the horizon; a Hebrew word meaning the sun, revolution, a compass, circuit, cycle, circular motion, going around, behind, the back of the head, horizon, a revolution of the sun, time, or to condense). The moon is known for its dark side (back of the head) hidden from our earthly viewpoint and for its phases that resonate with natural cycles on earth.

Portable Magic: Lord of Despair and Cruelty (Mars in 1120′ Gemini, Moon in Yesod) To cause despair, suffering, or misery; to make oppression, persecution.

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Portable Magic: Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. The order of the planets on the days of the week is Sun (Sunday), Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), Mercury (Wednesday),Jupiter (Thursday), Venus (Friday), and Saturn (Saturday).