01-The Magician Reversed Rider Waite Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

When The reversed Magician appears, it can indicate feelings of helplessness and of being stuck when it comes to money. The truth of the matter is that you can make changes, and you can improve your lot in life, if you will try. If you do what you have always done, there is no doubt that you will basically get what you have always gotten. Think about changes and new ventures that you could try. You may find that they are far more successful than you would expect.

Card Meanings: Insecurity, Delay, Cunning, Unused Ability, Greed, Lack Of Self-Confidence, Unimaginative, Manipulation, Untrustworthiness, Conniving, Trickery

The Magician, at his highest level of interpretation, indicates the intricate and complex web of influences that binds the Universe to itself, and to all else. This is essentially a card about communication, but on the subtle levels beyond the material world. If you want to manifest your heart’s desire into the mundane world, you will have to come to terms with the actuality, the workings and the efficient manipulation of this web, understanding its laws and vagaries. This web is what causes so-called ‘coincidences’, or those freak connections that we make right when we most need them. It is this system that brings the teacher to the student at exactly the right time, puts the very book we need on the bookshelf just when we needed it, draws the right person into our lives at the opportune moment.

You can see, therefore, how essential it is if you want to achieve your highest possible destiny, that you develop your understanding of the web of life. And in so doing, become a magus of sorts yourself. So on a day ruled by the Magician, we need to be experimenting with the way this web works. We need to look at the thoughts we are transmitting ourselves – because what goes around comes around, remember? What we put out eventually finds its way back to us – coloured by everything it has touched along the way. This is the single most practical reason for positive thinking!! We need to consider our overall direction and the things we are doing to fulfil our aspirations. We need to look at how every single action we take can be made into an act of magick. People miss this concept all the time yet it changes the way that you approach your daily activities. So acting with intent is another thing we can practise on the day of the Magician. For instance, if you cook a meal, cook it with the intention that it will sustain the very spirit of those who eat it. If you do the washing up, do it remembering that you are washing away the stains of the world. If you are driving to see a friend, regard the journey as another step in your growth and development.

Get the idea? Practise everything with intent. From personal experience, let me tell you it really gets the mundane stuff done quickly, efficiently and with a full heart.

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Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: There are no records to prove that the monster existed but in 1880 there is a record of a workman accidentally knocking down a wall and finding the secret chamber. The workman disappeared soon after and it was rumoured that he was given a large sum of money to relocate to Australia.

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Portable Magic: An elemental of a number card, when it takes on human form in the triangle, can appear either male or female. Both sexes exist in potential in these spirits, who are of a dual nature. It is simplest to think of each card as having two ruling spirits, a lord and a lady. The magician keys the ritual to either the lord or lady of the number card on the triangle by conceiving the sex of the spirit and voicing the spirit’s title during the evocation. You will find when you think about each of these elemental spirits, that the spirit naturally tends to assume a gender best expressing the nature of the spirit as you conceive it. You should accept that gender rather than attempting to force the elemental to take on the opposite sex.

Tarot for Beginners: However, if this isn’t possible, don’t let it stop you—it’s not an absolute requirement. Plenty of Tarot readers have only ever read their own cards, and find it very rewarding.

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Portable Magic: Mathers also mentions in passing the use of ritual evocation as part of his communication with the Secret Chiefs. This is the calling of spirits to be present in tangible form, so that they may better interact with the magician who summons them. Mathers was a skilled practitioner of spirit evocation, so much so that his black sheep of a student, Aleister Crowley, continued to regard Mathers as a powerful magician long after he had lost faith in Mathers in every other way.