56-Seven of Athames Reversed Salem Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

When The reversed Seven of Athames appears, you are probably getting good advice about money but you may be tending to ignore it. Listen hard to what you hear other people saying. This is not a time to gamble or take risks with money in any way. Make sure you know what you are getting into. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

Card Meanings: Confessing, Turning Over New Leaf, Slander, No Backbone, Dangerously Two-Faced, Being Outsmarted, Con Artist, Malicious, Blackmail, Running Away From Consequences, Ignoring Warnings, Coward, Getting Caught, Conscience Kicking In, Serial Cheat, Unworkable Strategy, Stealing Credit, Helpful, Coming Clean, Advice, Counsel, Pathological Liar

The Seven of Athames can point to someone who is behaving with less than ethical intentions. It sometimes also means prying into someone’s life where you don’t belong. If you sense that someone is spying on you, you may be right. If you are tempted to dig through someone else’s life (unless it is that of your minor child who has given you cause for concern), resist the impulse. Everyone deserves privacy.

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The Truth of All That Is : Step two: Be positive and happy in your present. Let’s see how you are doing here. Think of the word ‘money’ now. Then acknowledge what feelings you associate with that word. Go on, take a moment now before we move further and be honest. This is a time to reflect.

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