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Alexandra Oakes

Alexandra,a Norwich based International psychic medium, teacher and author offering over twenty years experience, has been guided to work spiritually, using all of her senses as a psychic-medium.
She reads not only intuitively but also combining clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance.
Her readings often involve remote viewing to give an in-depth insight into your life & circumstances.
She works from the heart to give guidance and enlightenment in order to encourage and uplift others.
Telphone: 01553 349617
Mobile: 07934 096884
Psychics Middlesbrough

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Psychics Middlesbrough

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Here are some extracts from a few of my favorites

Psychic Development for Beginners. The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. Grace Loveman Click to Buy the Book!

Development for Beginners: Next, to really push yourself, try to envision beings and entities existing in the room. This portion of the exercise is not entirely necessary, but it may help you in the future, depending on the path that your psychic development takes.

Books to help develop your powers as a psychic

Development for Beginners: Born on October 19, 1969, John Edward is a professional psychic medium, best known for his two televisions programs: John Edward Cross Country and Crossing Over with John Edward, which you may have seen.

Development for Beginners: Furthermore, within each person’s personal unconscious exist what Jung referred to as “feeling-toned complexes,” which are the feelings and perceptions that you have towards the significant people and events in your life. Jung believed that the feeling-toned complexes amount to “the personal and private side of psychic life.”

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