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Jan Dayton

In memory of clairvoyant psychic Jan Dayton, now working from spirit.
Jan was a trustee of Banyan Retreat and constantly supported all that we do here. She passed within a few days of being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer.
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Ashford, Kent,TN26 1AR
Tel: 01233-714155
Psychics Clackmannanshire

Clairvoyants, Mediums and Psychics in Clackmannanshire please contact us for your free listing here. If you were searching for a psychic in Clackmannanshire or any of the following areas, please reach out to us with the details of the psychic you eventually go to.

Covering the following areas in Clackmannanshire: Alloa, Alva, Clackmannan, Dollar, Menstrie, Tillicoultry

Psychics Clackmannanshire

This page is part of our psychics directory for Clackmannanshire. If you weren’t looking for psychics in Clackmannanshire use the search at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, we have some amazing books that may help if you want to know more about beoming a psychic. Please see below.

Here are some extracts from a few of my favorites

Psychic Development for Beginners. The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. Grace Loveman Click to Buy the Book!

Development for Beginners: The provision of prophetic glimpses into the future. While most dreams are figurative and not literal, a dream with a prophetic message may entail a psychic or emotional charge that feels significantly different from the content of other dreams.

Books to help develop your powers as a psychic

Development for Beginners: Dr. Virtue’s clairvoyant abilities first manifested themselves when she was a child. She used to see and talk to what most people would refer to as “imaginary friends.” Dr. Virtue, however, had been given a gift – a gift which neither the people around her nor she herself fully understood.

Development for Beginners: Next, to really push yourself, try to envision beings and entities existing in the room. This portion of the exercise is not entirely necessary, but it may help you in the future, depending on the path that your psychic development takes.

Full List of areas covered on our Clackmannanshire Psychics page:

Alloa, Alva, Cambus, Clackmannan, Coalsnaughton, Devonside, Dollar, Dollarbeg, Forest Mill, Kennet, Menstrie, New Sauchie, Pool of Muckhart, Tillicoultry, Tullibody, Yetts o’Muckhart