61-Lord of Athames Reversed Salem Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

If this card appears when you have some travel coming up, be prepared for the trip to take longer than you would like or expect. Be cautious about sharing information in any form; emails are generally not secure and nearly any telephone conversation can be overheard or recorded. No need to be paranoid, but there is a need to be prudent.

Card Meanings: Go With The Flow, Rude, Criminal, Aggressive, Forceful, Dangerous, Left Behind, Heading For A Fall, Follower, Coward, Insincere, Tyranny, Know It All, Vicious, Hurtful, Sarcastic, Troublemaker, Out Of Your Depth, Leading Others To Danger, Missed Opportunities, Arrogant, Out Of Control, A Crafty, Bully, Self-Obsessed, Tactless, Unfocused

The Lord of Athames actually brings a fairly upbeat and cheerful energy. It can often mean that someone or something desirable is about to seek you out. The Lord of Athames also points to your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy being at a peak.

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Tarot Triumphs: A practical hint: it may be simpler and less intrusive to take a quick photo of the layout rather than writing down all the card positions of a reading. Try not to write notes at the time of the interpretation; it can be off-putting for both parties, and you’ll remember enough to jot them down afterward.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Many of the stones are bluestone from the Preseli Mountains of South Wales, over 135 miles away. This particular site amplifies sound, and if people stand it the centre of the circle even the smallest whisper can be heard. As Stonehenge is also thought by some to be constructed along ley lines, it is said that the resonant quality of the stone might also be connected to the theory of sacred geometry, where the earth’s energy may be tapped for magic and healing.

Elements of the Psychic World: Gladys was born in Lancashire, England on 28 May 1882. Her parents tried to keep death a secret but at the age of eight a maid informed her that a family friend had died and been buried. This awareness shocked Gladys deeply but it also prompted visions of a happy valley with radiantly happy people. On one occasion when her father was with her she talked about another vision she was seeing on the wall.

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