20-Judgment or Rejuvenation Reversed Rider Waite Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

Card Meanings: Indecisiveness, Unfair Blame, Indecision, Malicious Gossip, Lack Of Self-Awareness, Failure, Death, Worry, Theft, Ill-Health, Unwillingness To Learn Karmic Lessons, Self-Doubt, Disappointment

The Aeon is another of those cards which indicate that we have reached a turning point – from this moment forward everything changes. There will often be big decisions to be made (which will later be executed with the Universe, the Arcanum which naturally follows this one). Sometimes we’ll find ourselves weary after struggling through a tough patch, but at the same time, now we see light at the end of the tunnel. When we make life-changing decisions, we will often spend quite a long time thinking before we make up our minds. And during that period, we often berate ourselves for our indecisiveness and uncertainty. When we do that, we are missing something so simple, and yet vitally important – that every decision we take has its moment. And if we are not sure now, perhaps that’s because we have not yet reached this particular decision’s moment in time. There will come a moment, if we are true to ourselves, when we know exactly what we need to do. And when that moment comes there will be no further prevarication, no doubt, no fear.

This is because time itself has enormous power. To find the right time for anything is a really useful life skill. When a choice comes to its own moment, it becomes empowered by its own momentum, and at that moment we can move forward with confidence. Sometimes, then, just of itself, this card will bring about changes on the day that it rules. The Aeon is also about directing our lives in accordance with what we have already learned. So when this card rules the day, try examining your wealth of experience – in any area you choose to. Look at what you know, what you understand, what you need and how far you’ve already come. And give yourself a great big pat on the back! You already have a treasure house!

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Most spirits are thought to be those of humans who have died but not left the earthly plane. They are believed to attach themselves to humans during moments of poor health and emotional weakness. Depossession is typically accomplished by persuading the spirits that they need to leave, and patients subsequently say they feel much better afterwards. Depossession was common practice at the height of the popularity of spiritualism, but the first medically trained person to approach mental illness as caused by spirit possession was the American physician and psychologist Carl

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Portable Magic: with a specific occult potential, in much the same way a battery is charged with electrical potential, so that if and when the charm is needed, its accumulated power will flow forth to accomplish its function. The procedure is the same; only the intention is different. The cards of the charm, placed as realizers on the triangle, embody the purpose, which is the creation of a particular kind of charm. They are held in the mind during the final phase of the ritual when energy is sent lancing into the triangle to open the gateway of the Fool. The reflux of occult energy from the level of universal spirit expresses itself by energizing the cards of the charm, rather than by accomplishing some other specific task.

Portable Magic: These modifications to the Golden Dawn system have been described here for the benefit of any reader who may wish to experiment with Tarot magic using my own set of correspondences. I would suggest that you only do this after you have completely understood and memorized the Golden Dawn correspondences for the Tarot. It is essential to know the Golden Dawn correspondences perfectly, because they are the standard in modern Western occultism, much more widely used and more highly regarded than any other system. Once you know the Golden Dawn esoteric associations for the Trumps and suit cards, you can if you wish try out my changes to see whether the modifications suit your needs.

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