20-Judgment or Rejuvenation Reversed Mage Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

In general, Judgment reversed tells you to look carefully at how you are making decisions and judgments. If you are the one tending to jump to conclusions, you can, and should, change this. If others are making these kinds of decisions about you or about someone you care for, there is really very little you can do, apart from realizing that its their problem, not yours. Sometimes even judgments which look at first to be completely unfair, actually work out to be for your highest good. Control what you can and ignore the rest.

Card Meanings: Indecisiveness, Unfair Blame, Indecision, Malicious Gossip, Lack Of Self-Awareness, Failure, Death, Worry, Theft, Ill-Health, Unwillingness To Learn Karmic Lessons, Self-Doubt, Disappointment

Judgment can be a card about jumping to conclusions, decisions and of course, judgments, which are too hastily made. If you are prone to such things, this is a clear signal to slow down and give things more thought and to give people ‘more chances.’ This can also be a time of fundamental spiritual awakening.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Since ancient times parsley has been associated with death and ghosts. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed parsley to be a herb that was sacred to the dead and it was placed on graves or made into funeral wreaths, and this association with death earned it a reputation for bad luck that it hasn’t been able to shake off. Even in fairly recent times it was considered unlucky to give parsley and there was a superstition that to transplant parsley would cause a death in the family.

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Reversed Cards: Have you ever been willing, able, and ready to go, only to find your plans have been delayed or canceled? What is always interesting about this sort of delay or need to reschedule is that it usually saves you from something that you could not see through your eagerness. Whether you like to admit it or not, the universe, father/mother/god, has your back. They love you and only want you to have a happy, joyful journey. So if you have received this card in the protection aspect, it is for a very good reason.

Tarot Triumphs: My quest would not be the same today, as excellent research has been done since the 1980s into Tarot history, and an impressive body of knowledge has been built up. My first forays into the background of Tarot were primitive by comparison, but they did give me a wonderful sense of the mysterious landscape of Tarot history. I also took the opportunity to bone up on the earlier eras of Western esoteric teachings, in particular Rosicrucianism, Christian Kabbalah, astrology, alchemy, and magic. This not only served my broader interests, but it also meant that I could perceive the overall context into which Tarot has fitted with some degree of understanding and objectivity. That is what I aim to bring to this book, even though I am not a specialist Tarot historian as such. And looking at its history here helps us to gain some sense of Tarot’s life story, which in turn enriches the way we then interpret and work with the Triumphs.

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