25-Four of Questing Upright Mage Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

Things are probably going very well for you work-wise. Still, whatever you do, don’t take this initial success for granted and feel like it will all be smooth sailing from here on out. Yes, you’ve earned your success and some kudos (and some fun and some time off too) but don’t forget that you will have to continue to strive to stay on top and to continue to grow and stretch yourself. It’s exactly like playing ‘King of the mountain’ when you were a kid – once you got on top, you might have been able to catch your breath for a minute but the next thing you knew you were fighting to stay at the top.

Card Meanings: Celebrations, Coming Home, Prosperity, Dissatisfaction, Kindness, Laying Down Roots, Events, Community Spirit, Reunion, Stability, Community Or Family Coming Together, Self-Esteem, Surprises, Success, Weddings, Happy Families, Parties, Reevaluation, Security, Feeling Welcome, Teamwork, Pride

The Four of Questing often indicates that you may be attending a special event – one which will be way more fun than you are anticipating. So, go, and have a good time. Business is also likely to be going very well at this time, you will be proud of yourself, and others will be proud of you.

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Development for Beginners
Book Details
Development for Beginners: If the person whom you are trying to contact is not at home or their brain activity is engaged in work or a conversation, then they may not be as receptive to your attempts to contact them as they would be if they were in a more calm and relaxed state of mind.

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Portable Magic: It is best to begin with only a single realizer on the triangle to stand for your purpose, or a significator and a realizer to represent the person the ritual is about and the fulfilment you seek. A single significator and a single realizer on the triangle, with a single modifier on the circle that is linked to the realizer by the ruling planet of its decanate, make a conflict of energies almost impossible. After you gain confidence in your rituals, you can increase the realizers to a maximum of three, and the corresponding modifiers to three. It is not essential to have a planetary modifier for each realizer card, but it results in a fertile balance.

Portable Magic: It is important to be able to accurately identify any human being with the most appropriate court card of the Tarot, so that the manipulation of that card has the strongest effect on the individual it represents. In Tarot divination, the link between court cards and human beings is most often based on external features such as eye color, hair color, and complexion. This method was used in the Golden Dawn and is still the standard method of most fortune tellers. However, it is inaccurate, and has been supplanted by a superior method used by Aleister Crowley that involves linking the court cards with different human personality types. These sixteen types will be examined later, but for now we will look at the underlying factors that determine them.

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Tarot Triumphs: Another way of looking at the sequence of twenty-two cards is to envisage it as a ladder of spiritual progress or evolution, with each successive Tarot card taking its place on the next rung up. The numbering could run in either direction. It could be seen as beginning with the Fool or the Magician at the bottom, standing for the individual human soul in its initial state, and arriving at the top rung with card no. 21, the World, symbolizing the completion of the pilgrimage. But there is also a good case for reversing it, with the World representing the earthly state where we start our journey and the Magician as the most exalted state of being, where the individual has become an adept at working with the forces of creation. The Fool here is still something of a wild card; he could be at the bottom or the top—or perhaps he is able to participate at any point on the ladder.