36-Ace of Chalices Reversed Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

The reversed Ace of Chalices is not a bad omen, but it can indicate that things aren’t quite where they need to be for your love life to really thrive. Look at yourself, first. Have you truly dealt with everything necessary to allow you to live life with an open heart? If you’re in a love relationship, it may not be one that is best for you. Think about what you really want and need in life. Get help if you need it.

Card Meanings: Sadness, Blocked Or Repressed Emotions, Infertility, Unrequited Love, Hesitancy, Miscarriage, Breakups, Pregnancy Issues, Selfishness, Pain, Egotism, Bad News

The Ace of Chalices is a very powerful, positive omen relating to love, happiness, and affection. Sometimes though, it is about new beginnings and although it usually means love it can indicate new beginnings in other areas of life.

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Tarot Triumphs
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Tarot Triumphs: As the reader, take the pack and spread it out in your hands, holding the backs toward the other person, and invite the querent to pick one card. You can gradually fan out sections of the cards in slow motion if that helps, rather than trying to spread them out all at once. Usually, the querent picks out the card quickly and decisively without further prompting.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Crowley died on 1 December 1947, in a boarding house in Hastings. His final years were spent practising ritual magic with Gerald B Gardner, whom some call the father of modern Wicca. Even though Crowley has been dead for decades, his influence is still very much felt today. One of the many attractions of Crowley’s type of magic was his advice to follow your own way, become your own self and create your own lifestyle – you don’t need a priest or a judge to tell you how to act; you work it out for yourself. It is easy to see how, in the hands of the young, impressionable or immature, this advice can be misinterpreted and become not only misguided but dangerous.

Psychic Abilities : Clairalience is the ability to smell things that are considered out of range of the normal sense of smell, basically a very enhanced sense of smell. A perfect example of this would be the ability to smell the perfume of a loved one who has passed on or even smelling things like cigar smoke that constantly remind you of a specific loved one. These smells are often filled in the room by the spirits of the people who have passed on in an attempt to let their loved ones know they are close by.

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