19-The Lady Reversed Salem Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

The reversed Lady can indicate that if you’re looking for a new job, it could be right around the corner for you. You’ll need to stay focused on what you bring to the table and how your skills and talents could benefit the employer, not so much what they could do for you! The reversed Lady shows a particular need for you to share any credit for good work with those who work with you (even if you did all or nearly all of the work!) On the whole, if you are currently employed, your work is stable and moving toward new opportunities and improvements. Just don’t take your employment for granted when this card appears.

Card Meanings: Ego, Lack Of Enthusiasm, Excessive Enthusiasm, Canceled Plans, Conceitedness, Pessimism, Break Ups, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Sadness, Unrealistic Expectations, Oppression, Loneliness, Unhappiness

When The Lady card shows for you, it’s a sign that soon you are likely to find yourself feeling more free than you have in a while – maybe years. This is a great time to take a vacation and to experience different things. The Lady is about vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression.

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Tarot Triumphs: Before you approach a full card reading, I recommend doing a few practice exercises with the components of the layout. These are test runs and won’t for the most part involve a real question, person, or situation, nor will they use the full spread of cards.

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