04-The Emperor Upright Thoth Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

Believe in your right to good health and be logical about what you are doing to your body. Order and discipline may be helpful. For example, if you are struggling with a health issue, write down your symptoms, track them, and then see if anything in your life corresponds with your systems. Consider an elimination diet to check for food intolerances.

Card Meanings: Fatherhood, Older Man, Structure, Rules And Power, Stability, Protectiveness, Authority, Dependability, Logical, Father-Figure

The appearance of The Emperor shows us that domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes necessary even though it is not wanted. In fact he should be welcomed and that is what you must think about when he appears. When hard choices must be made it’s important to maintain your concentration and focus. The Emperor signals this but he also signals that now is a time you should find it easier to make hard choices. Enjoy the assertiveness and confidence that this self-control and focus brings. Forge ahead and do what you know is best. If you can master yourself then you should have little problem mastering most of the other obstacles that life throws at you.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Quartz: Generally a term for a number of crystals, including amethyst and topaz, but clear quartz is the substance used to make crystal balls. Rose quartz is thought to have special powers to attract affection and is used in love spells or at times of high emotion, like the break-up of a relationship or a bereavement. Along with amethyst, no person serious about crystals would be without this versatile, powerful stone, believed to emit a form of electrical energy that helps to stimulate psychic powers. Many people believe that wearing quartz crystals benefits a person’s health and spiritual wellbeing. Quartz is typically used to rid an environment of unhealthy vibrations and electromagnetic toxins. In magic quartz is used as a protective amulet against evil and for spells, and for centuries quartz has been used to enhance a person’s ability to foretell

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Complete Book of Tarot: Hail to the chief! When upright, the Emperor represents a person of authority, will, planning, organization, analysis, strategic thinking and phallic masculinity. Lo and behold! The Emperor is the Father Archetype, the Lord and Master who knows how to get things done. A powerful leader, he takes charge, puts things in order, and protects those in his domain. He rules with his mind rather than with his heart. The Emperor appears in a reading to remind you to step up to the plate, be true to your principles, and use your power to structure your life to accomplish what must be done. You need to set clear goals and establish firm limits so that you can provide stability and get the job done.

Elements of the Psychic World: A well-known story involving alectromancy is that of the Roman emperor Valens, who used alectromancy to divine the name of his successor. He always got the name ‘Theod’, and so Valens ordered all those with the name Theodorus to be killed. Had he done his research properly, however, he might have been more successful: it was a man called Theodosius who actually succeeded him.

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Elements of the Psychic World: According to tradition the I Ching dates back thousands of years. It was first devised from observing the natural world, the ebb and flow of is cycles. As it developed sages began to see it as a blueprint for understanding the universe. The two tri-grams which form the hexagrams were allegedly developed by Emperor Fu-his around 2852 BC. The solid lines represent yang – the male, creative, active energy; the broken lines represent yin – the female, passive, receptive energy. In c.1143 BC the trigrams were developed into 64 hexagrams by King Wen, founder of the Chou dynasty, and his son, the Duke of Chou, added commentary on the meaning of the symbols. In later years Lao-tzu (604-531 BC) drew upon the I Ching for inspiration when writing the Taoist text the Tao Te Ching. Confucius (551-479 BC) was also inspired by it and added ten commentaries, named the ‘Ten Wing’ appendices.