01 The Angel Of Discernment – Reversed

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The Angel of Discernment has risen above the clouds of confusion, and holds an orb which is expressive of clear intention. The angels gift is the light of discernment, and when we focus on this light we are able to see what is for our highest good. The eye is the symbol of the Heaven of Paradise.

The Angel Of Discernment

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Paradise, The Angel of Discernment is in the group known as Cherubim.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To offer discernment to all who walk the path of Light
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to know your right path; choose what is really good for you; know what will serve your highest good and greatest joy

The Angel of Discernment teaches us to honour our inner voice and to listen to our hearts. If we are given complex choices which involve making difficult decisions affecting our spiritual evolution, this angel helps us to choose the right path. It is always guiding us towards what will serve our growth and help us develop our strengths and gifts. Discernment eliminates what is negative, ineffectual and maybe potentially damaging to us. Learning discernment is refining our skill at sensing what is the healthiest and most joyful path for us.

Discernment is the ability to know what is ultimately for our greatest good. It is not necessarily the easy or the popular path. It is, however, the path best suited for our good. We can know what is right for us when we listen to our hearts and reflect on our choices. The Angel of Discernment is there to help guide our way in making the wisest choices.

Discernment is that ability to know in your head and heart that something or someone is right for you. Many people struggle to try to make a situation or a person right rather than asking if that person or situation is the best for themselves. When we are discerning we value ourselves at every level, and make choices which reflect that level of self-worth. The Angel of Discernment helps us to see things clearly and to expand our vision beyond our fears and doubts about ourselves. It helps us know what we may be afraid to see and allows us the possibility of making intelligent and heart-felt choices.

We can pray to The Angel of Discernment to help us develop our ability to listen to our inner voice. This will help us hear the angels whispering to us, and know the right choices to make. When we have learned discernment then the angels help us open fully to the treasures of our inner knowing. They never risk exposing that deep inner knowing to rejection. Discernment protects our deepest sensitivities. The angels want us to make only the best decisions for ourselves.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Encyclopedia
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Angel Encyclopedia: According to Sufi teacher Abdul Karim Jili, the highest angel is identified with the Spirit mentioned in the Koran. He is made from God’s light—the Muhammadan light—and ‘from him God created the world and made him His organ of vision in the world.’ He is the divine command, chief of the kerubim (CHERUBIM), the axis of creation. He has eight major forms, great angels who bear the throne of God. All other angels are created from him ‘like drops from the ocean.’ He is also the eternal ‘prophetic light’ from which all prophets derive their inner being; the breath or spirit sent to Mary to conceive Jesus; and MUHAMMAD in his perfect manifestation.

Angel Books

Elements of the Psychic World: Christian folk traditions suggest that the souls of good people are converted into angels upon death. However, a more orthodox reading of scripture suggests that the dead are not transformed until the Last Judgement, which is followed by a resurrection of the faithful.

Angel Insights : Don’t despair if you try this exercise for a few minutes and no name comes. Take a break and try the exercise again later on. If you feel like you can’t get a solid intuitive hit on a name, it might be that your guardian angels are inviting you to give them names. If this is the case, give each of your guardian angels a name that makes you feel cherished and protected every time you think of it. When I was told by the angel realm that one of my guardian angels is named Samantha, I had to laugh. It was my favorite name as a little girl, which is why I named my beloved teddy bear Samantha, a teddy bear I kept with me even through college, long after I had outgrown stuffed animals. Obviously I loved that name because my guardian angel was whispering her name in my ear, and obviously I loved that teddy bear so much because it was, unbeknownst to my conscious mind, a connection to my angels. If there is a name you have always been attracted to, it might be the name of one of your guardian angels.

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Angel Insights : You can read the book in chronological order, look though the table of contents to find a topic that appeals to you, or (and this is my personal favorite) open the book up at random to see what message, exercise, or information your own guardian angels want you to utilize. (Your guardian angels will lead you to the page that will resonate deepest with you, or teach you what you most need to know in the present moment.)