Angel Readings

  • GBP £5
  • EUR €7
  • USD $8

Angels are always with us to guide and protect us. Gentle, ever loving, yet practical and forthright, they lead us through our daily life.

Please choose 3 cards at ‘random’ for your angel reading. The Angels that wish to help you will draw you towards their cards. Those Angels that you need in your life right now, will be present for your reading.

To order your 7 page angel reading please to here to select 3 angel cards.

Then use the payment buttons at the bottom of the page to pay by Paypal choosing the correct button for the currency you wish to pay in.  A paypal account is not needed, you can pay by card through Paypal – your payment is quite safe and refundable (for those of you who don’t know Paypal and may worry about giving details online).

Once you have paid you will be returned to a contact page. Here you can let me have the details for your reading. Please also specify male or female if not obvious.

Please be aware: Angel readings are not instant. Please allow 24-48 hours for your angel reading to be prepared and sent to you.

Angel Readings are just one way of hearing from the Angels we have with us every day. Whether you have a reading or not please learn to listen to your Angels. More on contacting your angels.


Angels GBP £5


Angels EUR €7

Angels USD $8

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