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Choose 3 cards at random, first for the past, 2nd for the present and third for the future. These angels represent the weeks (or days/months) spiritual path. The combination of these three cards offers a spiritual lesson to contemplate during the time ahead. Ask not “what will the future be for me in my life?” but rather ask the angels “what can I do to affect my future?” or ‘what can I learn from the past?”

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights See the Book!

Angel Insights : Another common way you might get a warning from an angel is by hearing an angel’s voice: “Don’t go in there!” or “Wait for the next train” or “Show up early for that appointment” or “Smile at him.” Dreams are also a place where angels can issue warnings. You might dream that if you handle a situation the way you are planning to, it will go badly (better come up with plan number two). Or you might have a dream where a friend confesses they are in love with you (if you don’t return these feelings, it could be a warning to be careful with your friend’s heart, or that you need to address the situation).

Angel Books

Angel Insights : As a symbol of Spirit, the dove has the power to travel anywhere, and bring along miracles on its wings. That’s because Spirit can make the impossible possible. And we humans, often relating to and explaining life through symbol and metaphor, might need a concrete image to remind us of Spirit’s power to transform and heal conflict. The dove is an embodiment of Spirit’s supernatural ability to create peace.

Angel Insights : Metatron’s message: I have seen the other side and know there is nothing to fear. I bring the peace and love of the afterlife to you, to illuminate your earthly existence and comfort you as you perform your sacred dance with Spirit on this earth. I have walked your path as a human, and know your pain and suffering, know your doubts and anxieties. Think of me as a wise elder, who assures you that this life has meaning and purpose, and that the life awaiting you beyond this one shall be glorious and filled with love.

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Angel Insights : Next time you feel disappointed because you asked for your angels’ help with something, went out and tried your best, and things didn’t work out the way you hoped or expected, ask your guardian angels for dessert. You might say a prayer like: “Dear guardian angels, I’ve had the wind taken out of my sails. This situation didn’t shape up like I prayed. I tried my best, and I know you did the best you could for me, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I can’t help but feel disappointed. Can you send me something special for dessert?” Then be on the lookout for people or invitations or gifts that might have been sent as treats from your angels. Angels love dessert, and they’re good at baking it and serving it too. When you get your sweet treat from the angels, or they send you inspiration via a thought or a feeling about a way you can go out and treat yourself, it will remind you that your angels do care, and that they are always listening. Just because everything you ask isn’t given, doesn’t mean angels aren’t right there taking the orders.