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Choose 3 cards at random, first for the past, 2nd for the present and third for the future. These angels represent the weeks (or days/months) guidance with your love life. The combination of these three cards offers offers insight into the path ahead. Don’t ask “what will happen in the future with my love life?” but better to ask the angels “what can I do to affect my future relationships?” or ‘what can I learn from past mistakes?”

Choose 3 cards from the 46 card deck below for your free angel love reading!

The Past


The Present


The Future


Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights See the Book!

Angel Insights : Along with your physical body, you also have an energetic body. And just as you do regular maintenance on your physical body (get a massage, complete a spring detox, have your hair cut) you need to also perform regular maintenance on your energetic body. An excellent way to keep your energetic body light and vibrant and healthy is with cord cutting.

Angel Books

Angel Insights : Angels are music lovers, record geeks, and divine DJs. That’s because music has the capacity to instantly change our emotions. The opening chords of a favorite song can bring you to tears or put a smile on your face—or possibly both—within seconds. And angels know how powerful and healthy it is for humans to be in touch with their emotions. Angels are also attracted to music because, like the world of Spirit, we can’t see music or touch it. Like your guardian angels, music travels on the ether, permeating your senses and calling forth your soul.

Angel Insights : Like nurses, technicians, housekeeping staff, and doctors, hospital angels are on call twenty-four hours a day, working in shifts, just as humans work at hospitals in shifts. These angels aren’t only hanging out in the hospital chapel (although there is an angel always on duty in the chapel, an angel whose large presence is like a very soft white light, an angel who is an expert at comforting and consoling and restoring hope). Hospital angels are highly skilled celestial candy stripers who roam the halls looking for patients or healthcare professionals in need of assistance. And of course these hospital angels perform daily rounds just like doctors and nurses, where they check up on all the patients in the building.

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Angel Insights : If you fall in love with someone and the love is not returned, do not diminish your feelings by denying them. Just because the person you desire did not feel the same does not mean you are less worthy of love, nor does it negate the gift you bestowed by proving to your love that they are deserving of affection and adoration. Love offered to another is always true and never a waste, and your ability to care deeply for others should ever be a source of pride, never of shame or regret. The angels do want me to urge you to move on, though. Perhaps this person taught you how to love or how deeply you could love, or maybe you taught the object of your affection that they are worthy of love. But now you need to move on to someone who can love you back!