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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

LLewellyns Complete Book of the Tarot by Anthony Luis Buy the Book!

Complete Book of Tarot: Lay out all the cards of a particular suit in sequential order and make up a story that links each card to the next. Let your imagination run wild.

Tarot Books

Complete Book of Tarot: A final ending, fresh hope, new horizons, release, liberation, the darkness before the dawn, the end of a bad situation, things can’t get any worse, the end of a cycle, success but at a great price, being forced to confront a problem that has been brewing for some time, starting over, a new day is dawning.

Portable Magic: For all other tarot cards, the upright position is defined by the centre of the circle, or in the special case of the three elemental trumps, by the centre of the triangle. tarot cards are considered to be upright when they have their bases toward the centre of the circle, or in the case of the three elemental trumps that form the triangle, when they have

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Complete Book of Tarot: If you decide to use reversed cards in your readings, you may find this method useful. Because inverted cards catch your attention as they stand out from the other cards in any spread, you can read the reversed cards as if they were trying to give you a special message. Simply read the inverted cards in any tarot spread in sequence while ignoring all the upright cards. Assume that the inverted cards are trying to highlight an important issue that you need to become more aware of.