Universal Waite Tarot Cards












Universal Waite Tarot Cards
by Pamela Colman Smith (Illustrator), et al

Special – For Divination and Meditation, July 9, 2003

Reviewer: A reader from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire – United Kingdom

Having studied tarot for many-a-year with an occult society I can honsetly say that these cards are extra-special.

The Rider Waite cards are full of deep meaning and symbology and are, according to Paul F. Case, “A very close approximation to the esoteric deck”. The author – Arthur Edward Waite – was a high adept of the original Golden Dawn society and was initiated into the mysteries of not only ceremonal magic, but also of the Tarot Keys, and he pumped his tremendous knowledge and expertiese into this pack – making it highly suitable for meditation and divination.

Now, the classic Rider-Waite pack has been re-coloured and it makes the deck stand out from the crowd. It’s crisp and clear; nice and bright. It’s a pleasure to browse through the deck and let the symbols soak into consciosness.

Why buy a “new-agey” deck with images which mean absolutely nothing, when you can get your hands on probably the most esoteric deck you can find?!?

These Tarot Keys are especially coded to the Tree of Life. They expound the mysteries of the Qabalah. Yet some people say they are “only for beginners”!!! Tell me, then, what deck is for the “advanced” practitioner? Which other deck – barr the Book of Thoth – can look upon and reveal the deeper aspects of Self, of life in it’s aspects of past, present and future?

Don’t be put off by sour reviews of this deck. It is not a “childish” deck. It was not put together to show off the artists talents. Rather, it was created to both conceal and reveal great mysteries. Take the time to *look* at the beautiful keys and see yourself – and your clients – change for the better.

For a *very* deep analysis of the Rider-Waite Tarot Keys you should consider buying “The Key to it All – Book 2″ (or is it now called,”The Western Mysteries”?). Anyhow, it’s written by a great man called “David Hulse”. It’d also be well worth to buy the two volume book (The Eastern Mysteries, and, The Western Mysteries).

Become one of the strong ones … buy this deck!