Free Past Life Readings

We no longer do paid readings.

Free Past Life Reading by Email

We offer free past life readings by email once a week.  Every Wednesday one person is chosen at random for a free past life reading.   If you prefer you can buy a past life reading for a small sum (£5, €7,  $8) .  You will also find a little more information there.

Free Past Life Readings

In order to be eligible for your free past life reading it is important you follow these instructions carefully.  When the winner of the free past life reading is selected, they will not qualify unless all the information is present and correct.  You must also have requested entry for your free past life reading using the correct form shown below in the instructions.

Please note:  We do NOT contact anyone other than the winner and all email addresses are instantly deleted after the free past life reading is sent to the winner.

  • Instructions:  Type your full name at birth and your date of birth into the contact form for free readings.  Please also indicate whether you are male or female.  Your date of birth is particularly important as the reading is charted so remember please that dates in the UK are written differently to other parts of the world, eg the States.  The contact forms makes this clear.

Please do not contact us asking whether you have won or whether you can have a free past life reading anyway.  We have heard every hard luck story going, and we all have bad times in our lives,  but sadly time is limited and we have to earn a living like every else.  If you don’t win a free reading this time, just enter again next week.

 If you don’t win a Free Past Life Reading then perhaps you may like to buy a Past Life Reading